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Reviewing Products
I would take great enjoyment in reviewing your products, especially if it is somewhat related to my blog or I can somehow relate it my blog.  Keep in mind that I live in Rio de Janeiro so a lot of outdoor time and small apartment living.  Feel free to ask and I'll let you know if I can do it. 
I do require some time to actually review. I not only have a blog, but also a part time job, children, a home, and a husband.  There will be a little lag time.  That being said, I'm pretty damn efficient, especially if it entertains me.  I ask for a couple of weeks at the very least.
If you would like to submit your product for review do not plan to get it back.  I live in Rio and shipping is expensive. I'm not even sure if the prepaid box stuff works down here. If you can confirm it does, send one and I will send it back to you.  Focus group in my house includes 2 bilingual adults (34 yr old Male and 30 yr old female) and 2 bilingual children (4 and 2 yr old males.)
Please contact me to work out the details at rachelsrantings@gmail.com
Everyone loves a good giveaway.  And I would love to give stuff away to my readers. If you have a product you'd like to promote and give away on my blog, let me know. Ideally, I would like to have 2 weeks to test out said project before giving it away. Much easier to write a sassy comment on something I've actually used.  Of course, if it isn't something easy to test out, like a free stay in your hotel (which I would be willing to do by the way), we can figure something out.

This does require team work. I would do the promoting on my blog, duh, and the picking of the winner. You will be responsible for mailing it out in a timely (basically 2 weeks) manner.  Of course, I do have readers in both Brazil and US.  I understand we may have to limit some giveaways  to one or the other country. 
All giveaways will be promoted on Rachel's Rantings in Rio, Twitter, Facebook, and other blog-specific networking sites in which I am a member. 
If interested, please contact me at rachelsrantings@gmail.com 
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Public Relations
I love to write about a variety of subjects. If you have fallen in love with my writing style, drop me a line. I would love to freelance write for you! Let me know: rachelsrantings@gmail.com