Friday, December 31, 2010

Americans Dance and Brazilians Lay

I noticed something while out at a New York City bar last night, American men really lack in hooking up efficiency.

Take this one guy from last night. He was first hovering around this one attractive lady like a helicopter. Hello good sir, no one is going to call you in for a landing. It does not work that way.

He finally settled into talking to her.  At times I couldn't tell if he was hitting on her, was her personal space holder, or interviewing her for the school newspaper.

That's when it hit me. He had spent about 2 hours, at that point, courting her.  It seemed as if he was trying to converse her pants off. I don't know about other peoples' pants, but mine do not have voice control.

Daniel was also intrigued by this man and his skills, or lack there of. As a Brazilian he would have done it differently.

Oh how the Carioca man does it differently.  A Carioca man would barely give his girlfriend this much attention at a bar, much less a mere potential hook up.  A Rio de Janeiro man takes 5 minutes. First they catch their eye. Once that's done, they move in like a tiger heading in for the kill. They saunter up to the woman. After about 1.5 minutes of easy conversation, the remaining 3.5 minutes are spent making out.

Yes, making out. Right there, standing up, in between all their friends.  They have both, at this point, already decided if they will be sleeping together.  It could be at the end of the night, or they could leave right then.  No ritual dance necessary.

The point being, in the time this man attempted to woo the woman with his personality, the Carioca would have made out with 3 women and slept with a 4th.

The Brazilian may not be efficient when it comes to many things, but they definitely have it down when it comes down to the mating dating game.


  1. That is so true, Rachel, in the gay world is the same thing...Brazilians are different than Americans when it comes to courting game...
    I could say that a Brazilian guy would want to sleep with another guy first to see if they hit if off and then if they like each other they would go out for coffee, dinner, movie etc however if it's a miss with the sex why waste time talking and having coffee?
    Off course there are exceptions to the rule...

    Happy New Year!


  2. Yeah, I'm definitely not a carioca.

  3. Not necessarily a bad thing Renan ;)

    Gil and Ray - interesting to see that it works all ways...

  4. Someone should put out a guide for gringos, then sit back and laugh at their poor attempts. Dare I introduce you to Roosh? I don't know him but he apparently knows heaps of women.