Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brazilians a part of Obama's stimulus package?

Here's a crazy idea, let the Brazilians come and fix the US economy.  Here's how the plan goes.

The US government creates a lottery for middle class Brazilians. The prize is a free round trip ticket to a "surprise" city.  It has to be middle class Brazilians because upper class has money and poverty level don't.  This plan needs those with enough money.  Hang in there, I'll explain.

So you give them the free ticket to a predetermined city.  That city will be one that is suffering a bit with this economic crisis but is big enough to have some tourist points, a target, a Best Buy, Gap, and a decent sized shopping center with an array of shops to choose from.

The thing is, if you bring the Brazilian, they will shop.  The prices in the US in comparison with Brazil are stupidly low.  Add in that they won the ticket and they will go nuts! The ticket price plus what they would have spent anyway will go straight into the US market.

I figure 1000 Brazilians will inflate our economy like an freshly workout-ed Carioca Bottom.

Just look at my husband.  The t-shirts he purchased alone could clothe half of Rio de Janeiro.  But they were only $2 to $5!  Times that buy a 100 and that's where we get you. Watch out China, we're getting sneaky up here.


  1. Spoken like an expat on vacation...

  2. Rachel,

    This post made me laugh so hard.
    It reminded me when my brother visited us in Florida in 2006.
    We used to live in Tampa, so I would drive my brother and his wife to Disneyworld in the morning and pick them up at the entrance at the end of the day.
    He wanted to purchase a 21 inch computer monitor. I drove them to a Circuit City in Orlando and we saw a war scene at Circut City.
    It looked like the store had been looted in a violent riot. Even those cameras that are usually tied down by wires on a display had been removed and purchased by desperate "middle class" Brazilians on vacation.
    The Circuit City manager explained to us that a tour BUS with yes, you guessed it, BRAZILIANS had just been to the store and they even bought the display items.
    The Circuit City had the highest SALES of all of the US, that store on International drive in Orlando, off course.
    You should see the requests I get when my family hears that we are coming to visit.


  3. That's what's so wonderful about blogging-common links:)