Monday, December 6, 2010

I Hate Packing!

I hate packing. I seriously, utterly despise the act of putting things into suitcases.  And it has only gotten worse now that I belong to a family of 4.

There's the stuff you have to bring. Like little Jimmy is really going to cry if we forget Bear.  Need bear. Oh and Bobby has that issue with allergies so we need to bring the nebulizer.  We can't forget pretty shoes for everyone, just in case we actually go somewhere nice. 

Don't even get me started on carry-ons. It's like packing for a wilderness retreat but not really knowing if you are headed to the mountains or the beach.  Are they going to feel like coloring? Will they actually watch the inflight video or should we bring our own? Playdoh or Playno? And snacks.  They will get hungry. Must have snacks. Diapers, extra clothes for them, and extra clothes for me. Trust me, the moment you do not bring extra clothes is the moment your child starts to have motion sickness. No one, not the person sitting to your left, not you, nor your child wants to sit next to someone that smells like the inside of a stomach.

Oh and medicine.  The magic medicine. I always have space for you baby.

When it comes down to it, you can always buy what you forget. At least in the States anyway. I know this but I'm not made of money, no matter how much I attempt to meditate on it.  I never should have read The Secret. Damn you Oprah! **

Anyway, I have one bag down and good golly I have no idea how many more to go.  Let's just pretend and say I like to pack light, or pack lazy.  Take it as you will. 

**I took artistic license there. I have never read that book and my pride wouldn't let me let you think I have.


  1. no no nooooo I have a week to go until I am right there with you, except that I only have to pack for myself...which surprisingly probably isn't that different, I'm 50% child and I need my playthings for the airplane too!

  2. I'm liking this magic medicine thing... can I get some?

    Pack to get you there... grandma will buy the rest for the boys.

    And about that magic medicine...

  3. So, I should not mention that aside from tossing the underwear & toothbrushes into the suitcase, I'm done packing??? And we don't leave for a couple of days yet???

    (no, I cannot squeeze a drive to Rio into my schedule so I can pack your bags for you. Sorry.)

    I do pack medicine in the carry on. Always. But my boys are older so the rest is easy -- hand-held video games and overnight flights. They play, they eat, they sleep. It's brilliant.

    Snacks -- granola. Magic for mommy -- an eye mask to block out the light, so once the boys are asleep, you can pretend it's dark up there. Or add some better Magic Medicine to the mom bag; whatever.

    Have a great trip!!!! Personally, I can't wait.

  4. I hate packing, too! I don't know any mom who enjoys it. Too many things to remember and so much space wasted for all those things we have to bring "just in case" and then never end up using. But we had to pack them anyway to insure we don't get stuck up a creek without a paddle.

  5. As soon as I moved in with my husband, somehow I became responsible for packing. And it's bad enough packing for two of us, I predicting a huge pain in my ass if we have children

  6. I think I need to take one of those courses on packing. It would be time well spent on my part. The only thing I am worse at than packing? Unpacking...