Thursday, December 16, 2010

Watch out Popular Girls!

I've decided I'm not taking this winter/travel bulge lying down, sideways, or upside any longer!  It has gotten completely out of control.

That being said, I know you expats are rooting for me to enjoy my time here, including indulging in everything we people abroad miss.  And you know what, if this were a subject in High School, I'd be the freaking' Valedictorian!  Not exaggerating.  I look as if I'm 4 months along with my 4th child.  And for your information, I am not.  My Mother insists that it's impossible to gain weight so quickly and I must be ovulating in a freakish manner or something.

Have I mentioned I love my Mother?

Well, sadly, no 4 ovaries or anything in this body.  It comes down to consuming about 10,000 calories, 8,000 of which being fat and sugar, each day.  Combine this with lowering my calorie expenditure from... let's just say a lot to just about nothing.  Only so much you can burn hiding out from the cold.

I decided I needed to balance things out a bit.  That's when I found my Dad's old jump rope.  I used to be on the jump rope team in High school.  Wait, did I just write that out loud?  Well, it's true. I was obviously that popular.

Anyway, I'm going to start jumping rope! Actually, I already did. My parents have an unfinished, yet still heated, basement that we have been using as our "outdoor" facility.  Two days ago I started to jump rope in the evenings.

I lasted 10 minutes the first day.

I was too sore the second day.

I lasted 15 minutes the third day.

I'm really out of shape!

But I figure, slow and steady win the race in the child's book section, why not in the fat burning one? Oh, and I forgot to mention the walking lunges.  Yeah baby, this girl is going to have a firm, flat American ass when I get back to Rio.   And we all know they go super well with muffin tops.

Watch out popular girls, I'll be back to 3rd string understudy shape before you know it!


  1. What about shoveling snow?

    How about climbing to the top of the hill to tobogan back down?

    Have you had to push your car out of a trapped situation in the snow?

    OK - maybe - are you pushing and shoving your way to the front of the line at WalMart? (forgive me)

    Of corse there is the tried and true exercise -- lifting pints at the Irish pub.

    Fear not- when you return the pounds will MELT off.


  2. Rachel this is what you wanted, hehehehe.

  3. Your school had a JUMP ROPE team?!?!

  4. Rachel,

    Keep in mind the pilgrims had to eat 6000 calories a day to survive, so you are doing good in the calorie department :)
    You guys should be getting hit with snow storms again before Christmas...we are getting hit Sunday, Monday and Wednesday...
    There is the new "Cold Diet"!
    Did you hear about that nonsense?


  5. Jim, Not enough snow yet. Now Walmart, been and done and didn't get the workout I imagined I would. Actually, I'm too Brazilian now and just wait patiently in line. Who ever thought that would happen! Ohhh, Got to get on the pints. Colonial Williamsburg will figure that one out for me.

    Nina, I know. I'm just a glutton for punishment.. .and I like it ;)

    Ray, Never heard of it! What is it? Do tell

  6. Querida, I really think you are just one of those naturally skinny people so no matter what you eat, you're gonna be the same weight when you arrive back here (mais ou menos a few lbs), no matter how much damage you do. And you have TWO small boys...hello, that alone is a workout everyday. I bet within one week of being back in Rio you'll be exactly the same weight you were when you left. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! If you're anything like me, when you get back here you'll just lament about all of the things you didn't buy and didn't eat! Spend, eat! Go!!

  7. Rachel,

    I watched it on the news yesterday, this is a new trend in New York, people go out to walk around the block only with a T-Shirt and Shorts, wearing gloves and socks to protect the extremities from hypothermia...
    Your body will be fighting to keep your normal 98F or so degrees and will spend a lot of calories doing so...
    According to them you should start only at 7 minutes the first day and gradually go up slowly, never staying out more than 15 minutes...
    If you do that everyday you should loose weight...if you are going to do it Google it for more details...
    Pure suffering if you ask me... :(


  8. Stephanie, You are too nice! At the same time, you are right about the regretting not buying or eating.