Monday, January 10, 2011

Twitter Changes People

I didn't get Twitter before.  Really, didn't get it.  And now I'm addicted. Amazing the how one itouch app can just change your life.

It's like a connection to the world, in 140 keystrokes.  It kind of turns me on. No nitty gritty. No idle chit chat.  Straight and to the point, even sometimes in a grammatically incorrect manner.  Nothing like a fragment to turn a girl on.

But it is changing me.  Twitter has awoken the Mother blogger in me and it's taking everything I have to fight it.  

I will not post on diaper rash. I will not do it!  I swear I have a life outside children...

Oh wait a minute...

Then again, being a Mother brought me to Rio de Janeiro in the first place.  I got knocked up with my husband's baby.  No, there was never any question.

Anyway, I didn't have health care and I couldn't afford the astronomical amount they wanted me to pay for care.  It was such a shame that I was married and American at the time because, if I wasn't, I would have gotten a pretty damn good discount. Those single, illegal Moms get all the breaks.

But I love that story because I get to say that I, an American, had to run across Brazilian borders to give birth to my child in a Brazilian Public Hospital. Hello coolness, I rock your 3rd world country, Public Hospital World!

And I get half my posts from experiences out and about with my boys.  If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten completely harassed for my circumcision post.  Not to mention, my breastfeeding post.  People have a tendency of getting creeped out when childless people breastfeed other people's children.  Not that I know or anything.

So what to do with all this?  I'm thinking I need to find some more randoms to follow on Twitter. Something to break up the game, shake up my life, and fill my head with nonsense.  I could also watch Fox News for that, but this girl has standards.

Where does that get you, you ask?  Well, you just read a post about basically nothing on a blog that is supposed to be about an expat in Rio who is, in fact, in Maryland visiting family.  I'd have to say you got a whole lot of zilch.  But at least it was mildly entertaining.

Just a trip down Rachel's Ranting's Thought Process Lane.

So you tell me, what influences your blog?


  1. You have no idea how happy I am to see you on Twitter! Follow all the real people that follow you. Follow who your friends follow. Participate in Follow Fridays (#ff). Soon enough you will have your tribe. Remember Facebook? Yeah, me neither. ;)

  2. Rachel,

    I have to say, you are A W E S O M E!!!!
    You are our blog's "Madrinha" (God mother), you made the first comment ever on our blog. Heck, you found it before I ever did. Gil had started for me and I was going to check it out, you know, like Danielle's Alexandre "Depois eu Faco" and then Gil told me in a panic that someone had left a comment on the blog he just started...for us... now is like an Itch that we started and can't stop ... :)
    You make me laugh every single day you write a post. I love your optimistic positive style. Even when you are mad about something, you are still somehow, optimistic or positive, that is just in your nature.
    I am glad I met you here on this wonderful biosphere world.
    Now, I need to learn how to tweet and find you there :)


  3. Oops, darn spell checker, I meant blogsphere, not biosphere!Ha!lol...

  4. We are all just following you, Rachel. - And then I throw in a little gay stuff...

    Without anything handheld, I have yet to venture into Twitter. I am forever late to the party.

  5. Morgan, you were my inspiration! Oh wait, still are :)

    Ray, I've always wanted to be a God parent, your blog is the perfect thing for me to spiritually guide ;). You were one of my first commenters and I used to love to play a mental game of Who in the world is Ray! Now I get to get to know you and I like it!

    Jim, blogs wouldn't be blogs without you! The Grandmaster of Rio blogs. You need to get on Twitter!!