Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spinach does a body good... you only have to eat it

So I'm a big fan of getting my kids to eat healthy stuff but I hate forcing things down their throat. I'm all about tasty food that goes down easy. 

Spinach is a hard one. For starters it's green. A 3 yr old digs anything and everything green except for food.  Hell, I can't even get him to eat oregano.

Point being, I've found another way. They're big on smoothies in Rio and so is my family. Our normal pick is a papaya and banana smoothie with milk and a bit of sugar to taste (not always necessary but makes it go down even easier).

Well guess what I'm doing now.  I'm adding a cup of spinach and chocolate milk.  One cup of spinach, a half of a papaya, a banana, and a cup of milk. Blend for a minute.  Pass it through a small strainer. 

That one is important. Nothing turns a kid off a smoothie like chunks.

My super picky eater 3 yr old sucked it down like a treat.  1 point for Mommy!  Ok, that's 1 to about 372 but I'm getting there.  I threw some, minus the chocolate, in a bottle for my one year old and the green goodness went down like ice cream.

Yummy, nutritional, and easy. I'm having one every morning now.  Also try beat, carrot, and apple juice.  Surprisingly good.

Keep in mind this comes from a cookie, white sauce, meatballs, pizza, and over all junk food lover. LOVER

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