Friday, June 18, 2010

The Baby Toe Rebels

I woke up this morning and thought, what a beautiful day to go to the hospital.  Not so much, but I went anyway.   

I was rushing around in my normal crazy morning fashion, it's feira day in my neighborhood and I wanted to get there and back before my husband left for work.  It's easier to go without both kids.

I turned the corner into the hallway and stubbed the hell out of my baby toe! Crap!  It hurts like a bitch when you do that.  The baby toes is like an angry Catholic Grandmother, sweet and quiet until you cross her! 

So I do this all the time with my same toe and the same door frame. It's in a small hallway we have from our dinning room into one of the bedrooms.  The only purpose of the wall is to hold a built-in closet. The door frame is the one from the hallway into the room.  I was already at the point that I wanted to just rip out the frame and wall attached but if I did, I'd lose some of the little closet space I have in my apartment. Toe or closet?  Hmmm, going to have to go with closet. Yes, the storage situation in Brazilian apartments is that bad. 

Maybe my baby toe heard this mental discussion.  Are baby toes in tap with our brains? 

I had cursed so loudly that Daniel asked what happened.  Oh, I just stubbed my toe again, and then I look down in reference and saw it.  I didn't remember my toe being perpendicular to the other toes...

So off to the hospital.   

I got out the door and to the hospital. It went kind of like this. I went to the ER and they directed me to orthopedics.  It's down the hall on the other side of the hospital. Ok.  I got to orthopedics and was told I needed an x-ray but first some fun. I had to get the bone reset.

I'm no wuss when it comes to pain but let me tell you, I'd prefer to do another C-section than feel that again! It took 3 excruciating times to get it in place. I needed a glass of whiskey and a cigarette after that!  And I'm no whiskey drinker!

So got it in place and I'm off to x-ray. Just walk back down to the other side of the hospital and it's on the first floor. Thankfully they had an elevator.

Here's where my Portuguese failed me. The x-ray tech told me to go wait for the x-rays in orthopedics. That's what I understood anyway.  I walked all the way back to ortho just to be told to go back and pick up my x-ray.  At least I got to stop and pick up a coffee on the way. 

So I'm all taped up and ready to go. 1 month in tape and weekly visits to get it changed. I broke it clear in half. I don't do things half assed, do I.  Just a little reminder to readers out there, don't take the baby toe for granted. Give it the respect it deserves. If you don't, the little bastard just may give in when it hits something just to teach you a lesson. 


  1. Poor you!! I hope you are feeling better but let me tell you from experience, it's gonna be about 3-4 weeks until you can walk without looking strange or feeling that pain. I have one of those really ugly shoes that you use when you break a toe, it's REALLY ugly but if you want to borrow it, it's yours! I found even flip-flops are super-painful that first week.

    I have broken 4 different toes here, same thing, usually I'm half awake or in a hurry to do 5 things at once and bash it in a corner, or hit a chair in the dark...the last time was in February and they x-rayed to confirm, bandaged me up and said to leave the dressing/tape on for 5 days and come back to change it, that it needed to be set like that for 6 weeks....hahahah, it lasted 2 days, it hurt more to have it all taped up.

    I feel for you, I truly do. On that note, I have been popping calcium pills for months now, no more broken toes please!

    Feel better, and if you want that ugly shoe, just let me know! I can bring it to you.