Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can you feel it! Can you feel it!

 <--- My Brazil bling

The energy is palpable.  It's flowing into my apartment from the streets.  Rua das Laranjeiras is full of cars and people heading to their individual game destinations. One thing is for sure, the country is ready to stop and cheer on their team.

I'm no soccer expert but I am worried about this game.  I heard the North Koreans have been practicing up in the mountains so that their bodies require less oxygen when they play.  I really doubt the Brazilian team has been doing that.  For starters, a lot of them are big money players in Europe.  The talk around here is that moving to European teams ruin Brazilian players. They play for the money after that, not the heart of the sport.

Our team this year is quite defensive for a Brazilian team.  Kaka will be our play maker... That worries me.  He wouldn't even take off his pants for Vanity Fair. Where's the heart in that?  Take off your pants for Brazil!  Ok, maybe I just wanted to see him in his boxer briefs, but do you really blame me?

In the end, they are Brazil!  And I hope they remember that! Let's pull a Germany and kick some serious North Korean 나귀, 고집쟁이(ass)!

C'mon now tell me....
Can you feel it,
Can you feel it,
Can you feel it!