Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charming Pediatrician

I wonder if it's wrong to fall for the charms of the pediatrician.  Of course these charms are directed towards my pre-schooler and toddler but that's all the more charming if you ask me. 

I have a total mini-crush on our pediatrician. It's a standing joke in our house.  My husband says he'll know something is up when I start referring to the doc by his first name.

I just can't help it. He's rescued me from child illness drama too many times to count.  He's also a great listener, never making me feel like a nervous Mom, even if I am.  Plus he's actually attractive and charming.  Ok, so he has very typical, large Brazilian features and is slightly balding but he pulls it off. 

He's not perfect.  He's never available at the home number he gives out to his patience. It's very common in Brazil to have your ped's cell and home number so you can reach them anytime. This spells nightmare, especially here. Brazilians expect every stuffy nose and scrape to get checked out. I understand his position completely.

But he has found early bronchitis in both boys when it's been missed in ER late the night before.  He has answered medical questions while playing tennis at the club.  He has compliment fat Mommy right after baby #2. That gets a BIG gold star in my book.  This Mommy was pretty damn fat after baby number 2 and my husband is required by household law to compliment during super fat phases.  It means so much more from a non-obligated male source.

The best part though is that my kids love going to his office. I hardly ever have to battle them into going to see the doc.  When I take in my toddler, he still checks out my pre-schooler, even if he's not the scheduled appointment.  When my youngest would go in monthly as a baby, the doc would make as big of a fuss about my then toddler. He would check, weigh, and measure just as he did the little one. 

What can I say, everyone feels special at our Ped's office and that's how this Mommy likes it. 


  1. Hahaha, very funny! But you should take care, your pediatrician may find it...

  2. I don't think he speaks fluent enough English to read it... or I hope not ;)

  3. did you mention he's mine if anything happens to your dad... I had dibs on him after Rafa's delivery