Monday, June 14, 2010

Facebook Exclusion Theory

I'm loving the Facebook exclusion that's going on nowadays.  At the beginning everyone was accepting everyone.  Oh I think you're the second cousin of my ex-girlfriend's dog groomer, let's be friends.

I can't say I'm much better. I have 700+ Facebook friends. I do know all of them. You ask me and I can tell you how I know whichever person you point out. That does not mean I have an intimate relationship with that person.  For example, I'm friends with the social director from the trip my husband and I took with friends to Chillán, Chile in 2007.  I did see her daily for 10 fun filled days!

What I think is so funny is being dropped as a friend. Oh, I'm being exclusive now.  Not VIP? No entry.  It's a social website for heaven's sake. If you're going to only let your close circle be your friend on Facebook why have it? You see them every day!  You are posting photos you got off their camera. They've seen them, they know what you are up to, they were there.

I do know one person who did the opposite. They excluded anyone that they saw somewhat regularly. That, of course, did not count their best friends, family, spouse, spouse's family, and spouse's best friend. Again, I don't really get the point.  Is it cooler to say you have 50 friends and you chose them carefully?  I don't think so. I also don't think it's cool to have 1,000 friends including that creepy stalker guy that keeps asking you what color you've painted your toe nails recently.

I just don't get all the thought put into it. It's Facebook. A social  network.  

Personally, I'm a Facebook addict. I love it.  All my friends outside of Brazil can follow my family and I on it. Saves me from writing those annoying bulk emails.

And I don't accept just anyone. If I see your friend request and I don't recognize you, I ask how I know you.  It's not like people are lining up around the corner to be my Facebook friend. If it comes to any sort of doubt, I don't add you.  I put family photos up, no pervs need apply. 

I find it cool that I have met 700 + people and I know who they are. I find it even cooler that I've met 700 + people and they know who I am!   I think it's amazing that people follow my life in Rio de Janeiro, that they are curious enough to spend those 5 minutes looking at my 1,000 photos.  I'm not exaggerating, I post A LOT of photos on Facebook. 

So we've left the 6th grade to find ourselves in the 6th grade of Facebook. The difference, no one except the excluder cares.  Good for you for having the time to filter your friends in such a detailed and thoughtful way!  Have at it!  Just know that I have a good laugh when I look up at that little box in the upper right hand corner, the one that says "Friend Recommendation", and I see you.  Opps, I already thought we were, my bad.


  1. you forgot to mention the person that never accepts your friend request.... what did I do... why don't you like me... how long should I wait before I block you just to save face... on Facebook.

  2. lol this was hilarious