Friday, June 25, 2010

Here's a quick way to stop annoying horns

There is an ass across the street from my apartment repeatedly honking a very loud horn.  It's 10:30am. He's been doing it since 10am.  A half hour of non-stop horn honking out of his window.  I looked out. He's very proud of himself.  He's so happy you'd think he was a 15 year old boy who just lost his virginity.

Here's the question, would it be wrong to run over there and shove it up his... toosh?  I'm all for spirit but come on!  I'd like the keep the small amount of sanity I have left.  Anyway, I'm sure he'd enjoy it.  It'd probably honk every time he sat down.  He could stop hanging out his window and just go bounce on a chair.  Personally, I think it's a win win situation for everyone.


  1. but if he farts...would be worse...smelly honks...arrgh

  2. What on earth do you Google to find photos like that!!?!

  3. It's a skill, what can I say. I think it was horn and annoying or horn and ass