Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A little glass of wine is a great way to de-stress.  I'm a big fan. The only issue is when you are a tired Mommy of two and you drink a glass of wiinnnnneeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What was I saying?

That is the issue.  I'm exhausted!  A glass of wine de-stresses and then my body remembers that it's not in fight-or-flight and goes into hibernation.  That's is not a desired state when the only quality time you have with your partner or alone is when the bambinos are sleeping.

I'm particularly tired because my little refluxer has been suffering from a flare up/cold, my toe is broken, and, as I just discovered, my oldest's weird owie on his ass just may be impetigo.  Oy Vey and I'm not even Jewish!

I have to say though, that I love this part of being a Mommy and wife/partner.  Anything goes any given day.  I know it sounds like a big pain in the ass for those who are not child friendly (not judging! It's a lifestyle like smoking or ninjas) but I love it.  I really feel like I live every moment of my day.  Given that moment may be spreading antibiotic ointment on the little blisters on my kid's ass but I'm living it baby!

Add to it that we're doing it in Rio de Janeiro! It's so normal for me now and at the same time so different.  I almost feel a freedom raising my kids outside of my culture. I'm not stuck in the routine that I knew and that I feel my kids need to know. I deal with new things every day, every moment.  There's a freedom in that. I may not be backpacking with a crew of 20 somethings but I'm in new terrain all my own.

All being said and done though, I would love to have a chance at being a Ninja.  I think I'd be very good. Very Jennifer Garner circa Alias.  But that brings about the argument of which is better, Ninja or Samurai? Which would you choose?

I'm sticking with Ninja!

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  1. I feel that freedom just for being away from both families and being able to raise my kids and live my life as I see fit.
    And I'd pick Samurai just bc of the super cool sword..