Thursday, June 10, 2010

Smokin' Grandma

There are a fair amount of Grandmas in Rio de Janeiro that help with the Grandkids. You can see them pushing them in strollers, picking them up from school, and every other activity imaginable. 

What I like is the difference between Granny and Mommy. Granny doesn't care about nearly as many things as Mommy. I've seen Granny stop at first wine to get that lollipop.  I saw a Granny this evening walking about 2 steps in front of her Grandkids as they were attempting to walk and smack each other at the same time.  She didn't intervene, she just looked back occasionally to make sure they were still following.  You see them walking the 90 degree streets with newborns bundled up as if they were in Antartica. With all this they still manage time to tell you that you are too skinny, fat, tired, a bad mother, etc.

The Grannies of Rio de Janeiro are a special breed. 

My all time favorite Granny happened upon me as I was walking my son to school today.  She stopped mid sidewalk to light her cigarette.  Another not too uncommon sighting here.  What made this cigarette lighting special was that she stopped to light her cigarette right before a gas station. Yes, she stopped right in front of it, lit her cigarette, and the cut threw the middle of the gas station smoking.  Now that is a Grandma that really does not give a damn!

Note to self: Do not google Grandma smoking unless you want to get an eyeful of Granny va ja ja


  1. Bahahaha. This is too funny. On a serious note, something I LOVE to see here that I either don't see or don't notice back home: the GRAMPAs with the kids. Taking them to school, to the park, etc. They are everywhere! So nice...

  2. You don't see them here! Well, I never have. I think they live in a parallel Brazilian universe

  3. I saw a Grandpa and a grandkid today! They were by themselves playing. Ok, could have been a really old Dad and a really young kid but I think it was a grandpa situation