Thursday, July 8, 2010

Foie Gras? I'm in!

Foie gras and wine. I'm so very Parisian.

Maybe not. The foie gras is from the German place on the way to Petropolis and the wine is from Australia. Doesn't matter, it's good anyway!

One day I'll make it to Paris! I'm going to drink wine in a plaza, hardly nibble on the wonderful food (we all know that one isn't true), and smoke cigarettes.

One of my biggest regrets, and I don't have many, is that I didn't go on a Paris trip with my roommate back in the day. Tickets were on sale, $200 roundtrip from San Diego. Maybe it was $400. Regardless, that is cheap.

I just didn't have the money. Ok, neither did my roommate but she had a much less money restricting perspective on things.  Now, more than 7 years later, I should have gone. I don't have that money now so what did I miss it for!  If I had gone, I'd have the memories.  I will never again have the chance to run around Paris with my bestfriend, in my 20s that is.  By the way, I think we were both single at the time. 

Oh well. Can't turn back time.  But I'm not dead.  I had a foreigner friend give me a wonderful piece of advice. He's easily in his late 50s.  He was playing his guitar in the plaza while our boys played. I mentioned that I've always wanted to learn how to play the Cello.

You're going to love this.

He then asked me if I was dying. Of course not!  He pointed out that I'm young. My kids would have their own lives by the time I'm 40.  Why not learn then. Still gives me over 20 years to perfect it.  That has stuck with me.

I will live and love my life now.  I will enjoy every moment with small children, medium children, large children, and then adults (extra large children). Come on, I'm so an extra large child!

When my empty nest syndrome comes in, I'm going to Paris. Shelby, pack you bags!  Here in 20 years we're out of here!


  1. There is wisdom in there somewhere...

  2. Kind of like me.

    It's somewhere in there. If only I could find it

  3. I did it, in my 20's, it was awesome, wouldn't trade for nothing. I mean, first time I smoked pot was legally, in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. I'm such a good girl... And yet I still make plans. Like you, I make plans for when my kids are older. I also make plans, and please dont laugh of think somethings wrong here, for when I get divorced or widowed. I may never get divorced or become a widow, but if I do, I have the plans... bc somethings you can't do when accompanied. And one can always dream. I've had a plan with a friend for years now, that is to follow a pilgrim path (not Santiago de Compostela, another one not so popular in France). That one seems to be getting farther and farther away, and my excitement over that particular place has grown significantly weaker, but still I hold on to it. Just as something I have with her thats only ours. Bc sometimes I feel I was doomed to do everything with my husband from the day I got married on. And I like to think I still exist, I'm still an individual, on my own.

  4. Wow now this is a topic that I could go on and on about. Rachel when you decide to go to Paris I'll give you tips on my favorite hidden places that are off the beaten path, etc.;-)

    After having just lived in Paris for 3.5 years (and giving birth there!) and having lived there twice as a student and numerous numerous trips there to spend time with my now-husband, I can say...don't let go of your dream!! Paris is worth it. Just ignore the French, and you'll fall in love with the place!

    Kidding, kidding. I have many wonderful French friends, but sometimes the stereotype of the unapproachable French is true. But as with all stereotypes sometimes it's not true at all!

    It's impossible to sum up the richness of my experience in France over the years, but on cynical days (I was an expat there, too!) I used to say that the best things about France were the pastries and castles. And of course after giving birth there, I can now add that their health care system is top of the line.

    Perhaps the best years of my life were spent in Paris when I was a newlywed (and not having to work!) and before I became a mom. Talk about a fun time! And then my precious daughter was born, and zap! There went life as I knew it!

    And yes, it's so true...your boys will have their own lives by the time you're 40. And 40 is still young!! You will still have half of your life or more to go! So by all means hold onto your dream and don't let go.

    And the great thing about Paris hardly ever changes! It's a timeless, breathtakingly beautiful city called the City of Light for a reason. So if you go there now or in a few years, it will more or less be the same! It hardly changed (other than the internet) from the time I first visited in high school to when I went as an exchange student during college to when I went there years later and happened to meet my now husband.

    And the cello? A gorgeous instrument to listen to and even better if you can play it yourself. Highly recommend it! I played cello for many, many years and deeply regret to this day that I gave it up. Yo-Yo Ma rocks!!

  5. Paris! Que saudades. I too wonder when I'll get back, it seems so far off from where I stand now. But the last time I was there was 9 years ago, and I did eat lots of great cheese and fresh baguettes, drank gallons of terrific wine, and smoked cartons of cigs to my heart's content. Sigh... On that note, can't wait to get back to Rome too. Last time I was there I was 25, the next time I'll be middle-aged if I'm lucky. So unfair!!! Thumbs up for the Cello! You can do it!