Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have to vent

This seems to be the week foreigners are pissed off at Brazil and Brazilians alike. I have joined the club today. I swear, they are all out to get me!

It started with a trip to an ears/nose/throat doctor for my youngest. I'm trying to figure out what's keeping him up at night crying. Mommy doesn't help, bottles don't work, coming to our bed does nothing.  It's a nightmare.  So the doctor calls us in and spends a whole 30 seconds with us. Of course he has me sign the insurance papers first, looks in my kid's ears, and tells me I have to go to a hospital and have them check him out. Hello, I could have done that in the first place you dumb ass.  Go there, get some random x-rays and check something else, blah blah, they'll know what to do.  He didn't even ask about his history.  I've asked for the little insurance payment paper back before but I was too tired to do it today. He technically checked him so screw it. I just won't be going back. 

It really was too good to be true to have an ENT near my place covered by  my insurance. I should have known!

So I gave up on that. Ears are clean, maybe my kid just likes to be a little bit of an asshole at night. Yes, it is ok for a mother to lovingly refer to their child as an asshole when they wake up 4 to 5 times a night and no one can find anything wrong with them. It's also a little disturbing seeing that we can't seem to make him feel better.  So if there is nothing wrong and he just doesn't want us to make him feel better, just wants to cry, whine, and scream, he is being a bit of an asshole.

So to continue with my hour of Brazilian hell.  My husband and I have been thinking of putting him in a big boy bed since he hates his crib. It hasn't always been this way but seem to be the theme now. He loves his brothers bed so let's try.  I'll try just about anything after 18 months without sleep (minus the 1 week 2 months ago so he is capable). 

I am looking for a guardrail for the bed.  Many stores have them online. Normally, you'd be able to assume that theses large stores would also have them in stock at their individual locations.  It'd be nice to be able to call and check. It's hard when their phone lines are disconnected. All of them!  And the online help number can't help you. You need to check with the store at whatever location you want to go to.

So I went to the store with my exhausted 18 month old. I finally found someone to help. She said they are in the baby section.  I controlled myself and did not say, duh I already checked there and they aren't any. That's why I'm talking to you. 

She brought me back over in case I'm actually blind and hadn't realized it.  Nope, none. I asked, again, if she could check the stock room or call a stock person and double check.  I was at Lojas Americanas by the way. We have one of the few non-express stores here in Laranjeiras. The few times I've managed to get someone to check in back, they've found what I've needed. She ignored me and walked away.  Well, I guess she still gets an A for effort for walking 3 feet and pointing to the baby stuff. 

I thought about running to the mall but the last thing I need to do is drive in this city in this mood.  I would so end up taking out a moto delivery guy or a taxi. 

Rio de Janeiro and Brazilians win today.  There are just some days where I wish it was easy to get stuff done!  I wish I could just run to the bank and not end up waiting for 2 hrs and seeing 2 different account managers because my specific account manager is on vacation and you can only do stuff with your manager, and crap like that. 

Screw dinner tonight. I'm ordering pizza. 


  1. Rach, hang in there. I feel for you. Sometimes I really do SNAP here, patience level pushed way beyond its limit. I am not normally an angry person but I've had some pretty classic melt-downs here. BTW, I NEVER found a guard rail for my son's bed, NEVER. We gave up on that and just bought a trundle bed and we pull the bottom bed out when he is sleeping so that when he falls, at least he'll land on the bottom bed lol. Enjoy your pizza, and open a bottle of wine too, no doubt, you deserve it today!

  2. Though I'm not in Rio yet I know oh so well what these days feel like. The days where you want to scream at the top of your lungs and slap the cr*p out of everyone that irritates the **** out of you. I had plenty a meltdown when I lived in Paris. Plenty!!! Trying to get simple stuff done in a foreign country (especially since things are relatively easy and convenient and efficient in the US), can sometimes be an infuriating exercise in futility!! Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a better day. Enjoy your pizza!!

  3. I'm sorry you're having one of those "run into walls" days. My solution is always delicious food, too.

  4. Rachel,

    You could try Tok&Stok, they usually have these kind of things in stock and they are much more helpful and offer way better customer service than Lojas Americanas.
    I don't know if you have one near you, but they have a great web site with lots of info.

  5. Rach, if it helps, I bought Isabela's guard rails at Americanas.com. It was a Safety First, I didn't love it and we're not using it, I'll bring it to you if I can fit it in my suitcase. Marcus' mom also bought one at Abracadabra at Rio Sul. They also have an online store. You'll never have the ease of purchase that you're used to in the US here sorry to break the very sad news... not as long as taxes remain so ridiculously high here, but hey, if they drop the politicians will have less money to steal from us... so that's not gonna happen. We Brazilians do suck a lot of times, specially when it comes to services in general. But I think that you were super unlucky today bc you ran into peiople that suck, and that's like sh*** - happens everywhere.

  6. I think I was unlucky. Or more annoyed than normal. I'm not really bothered anymore... well, except for yesterday.

    I got Luka's at abracadabra. I would have gone but I would have hit traffic on the way home...