Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Partying Momma

Having kids has curbed my old school partying ways.  I just can't go out until all hours of the night and be pleasant the next day at the park.  It's not going to happen.

I've, thankfully, found ways to let my hair down without having it all fall out.

I'm a big fan of the early beer.  I put my youngest to bed, leaving my toddler for my husband to story and put to sleep. I head out and meet friends at one of the bars near the house for a couple of beers. 

We Moms need a break too.

My all time favorite is a little club no centro (downtown but you can't really call it downtown since there's a downtown in Barra).  It's called Symbol. Now, it's not hopping.  It's not a place for the single ladies to meet men.  It's certainly not a place for the single men to meet ladies.  Hell, it's practically empty when we go. 

Apparently, the hip "Brazilian Happy Hour" time at this place is on Wednesdays.   Wednesdays are singles night.  We steer clear of Wednesdays.  We married folk head over on Thursday. 

Thursday is a magical day at Symbol. It's 70s, 80s, and 90s pop/dance music night. Oh yes!  And it gets even better! It's AMERICAN pop/dance music night!  Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of Brazilian music. It is great to dance to.  But there are days when you want a little Cindi or Madonna.  Days where Depeche Mode is the only thing that will sooth the soul. 

This is where this Momma escapes to let lose, dance like a retarded monkey, and sing out loud like a 13 year old pre-pubescent girl.  That is why it's even better that it's empty.

And they have a little snack bar!  Oh the insanity! 

To top it all off, I get home by 11pm! You heard it here first, 11pm!  Now, I know that being excited about being home early only confirms that I have, in fact, gotten old.  It is what it is people. If I can go out, dance my ass off, have a drink, eat some snacks, and be home by 11, I'm as happy of a camper as a Momma can be! 

Keep in mind though, you must supply your own posse! This is not a place to head to alone, at least, not on a Thursday night.

For more info: Symbol

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