Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Portuguese in a handbasket

Geez louise, my Portuguese is going to hell in a handbasket.  I've been noticing here and there but have finally accepted that I've let my 2nd language slip a bit too far.

It started with one of my 3 yr old's preschool class assignments. I saw the note in his school agenda and, in true Rachel style, we did it last minute. I had skimmed the note and was positive I had down what we were supposed to do. Imagine my surprise when we showed up with the model canoe Luka and I made together, only to get a confused look from the teacher. Don't forget the awkward thank you. 

Come to find out, chatting with the other ex-pat Mom who's son happens to be in the class, we were supposed to do research on whatever type of boat we were assigned. Oops. It was supposed to consist of a page of facts and pictures.  Well I was way off there. In my defense, I was scanning a note in my second language while, simultaneously, talking to a 3 year old and caring for a 1 year old. 

Yeah, I know that excuse is a load of crap too but I could believe it if I really wanted to.

Fast forward to this evening. I picked up a note from our building manager and a note a neighbor left in our mailbox.  Before I even opened it, I was thinking drama and complaints. I scanned the neighbor's note, it was nothing.  I scanned the building manager's note. Bingo! Drama.  I scanned it and, in my little English speaking head, it spelled drama with a capital DIVA.  I mean, he actually said to not complain in person and to please put any complaints down in writing to the building and said apartment occupants. 

Has to be a backstory there, right? Wrong. I had read the attitude of the letter totally wrong.  No drama. It's just the building manager communicating the right and wrong ways to, well, communicate.  If you need to talk to someone, kill a tree and send a note.  Is that anti-climactic or what.  And the neighbor's letter, obviously in response to the building manager's letter, was about how he feels we should reform the lighting in the building. 

Well there you go.  I'm putting it on the to do list.  Take Portuguese classes. It's right behind make lunch and dinner, make sure children survive life, and take a shower. I'll get there!  It's a priority now.

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  1. baaaaaaah hahahaha! My husband and I are rolling on the floor laughing. :D "make sure my children survive life" bahh haha!