Friday, July 30, 2010

Rice, the Original Brazilian Wife

If you had asked me 8 years ago if rice made the world go round, I would have said no. Rice? Sure it's good stuff but I hardly eat it.

Oh how Rachel's life has changed.  I moved to Brazil and realized that rice was my husband's first and, very attached, wife.

Rice and I are on a first named basis now. I spend at least 30 minutes with her twice a day.  I wash her, season her, and cook her.  Heaven forbid we don't have any made in the house.  It'll be mutiny.

I'm just amazed by the power of this carbohydrate. My husband will complain at virtually every meal I make without rice.  Even lasagna needs rice on the side.

And I have to say, my children are being raised the in the same manner.  No matter the situation, I can always get some rice in them. 

So rice, it was a little touch and go in the beginning.  But now, I think, we'll have a beautiful and lifelong friendship.


  1. It always made me laugh - how my father in law loved rice with his pasta. WTF?

    Luiz makes PERFECT rice every time. Lots of practice.

    While I will sometimes make arroz integral for a change, no one will touch it but me.

  2. Well I guess I'll feel right at home in Rio then. Having grown up eating Korean food (rice and kimchee anyone?), rice is THE staple of the Korean diet. And might I add, rice is the only word in Korean that my little one knows how to say (ok other than grandma and grandpa)!

  3. One of the first things Daniel taught me was how to make rice. I bet it was his test to see if I could be his wife!

    He eats it with everything. All time favorite, rice with eggs. Crazy but actually quite good.

    I went through an integral phase but it didn't stick. It takes so long to make and talk about gas! I thought beans were bad, combine them with arroz integral and oh boy

  4. I actually like rice and eggs together (not uncommon in Korean cuisine). I love integral rice, too, but haven't combined it with beans yet!

  5. Rice is also a staple food here in Brunei. It just goes perfectly with everything. But recently, I cut down my rice intact ever since I join the weight management program organized at my workplace and convert to pure salad and whole meal bread. It does help in reducing my weight but after 1 and a half month of craving, I just couldn't simply live without it. LOL...

    Thanks for your comment in my blog and thanks for visiting. Happy knowing you...