Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cardinal Sin of Brazil is not what you think it is

I have just committed the cardinal sin in Brazil. No, not murder.  So not stealing.  Think simple.

I reheated my coffee! 

Maybe it´s just my husband´s family but I think my MIL would have a grande mal seizure and end up in the hospital if she saw me do it.  They won´t drink coffee that´s been sitting for an hour. It´s old. Best to make a new batch... that is, if any of the coffee actually manages to survive after being made. 

Ah Poo Poo, I made too much yesterday and I can´t bear to throw it away!  That and I´m lazy. Who wants to take the extra 3 steps in the morning to make a fresh pot when you´ve got some good enough already sitting on the counter.  Shocked? Why? I just said I`m lazy.

In my defense, I only do this kind of thing during the week.  Weekends deserve fresh coffee.


  1. I honestly rather not drink coffee if I'm too lazy to make it fresh. It just sucks, ruins my love for it. Can't do it, I'm fully Brazilian on that, so guilty as charged. My cousin used to make one big pot in her office in the morning and reheat it along the day in the microwave. She was the object of mockery for being too cheap and nobocy ever drank that coffee except for the poor unadvised clients.

  2. When I went with my boyfriend to visit his family in Rio, all they ever drank for beakfast was, milk heated in the microwave with Nescafé ?! kind of disappointing as I enjoy a good coffee in the morning and the smell of coffee in the air... So that`s not common for Brazilian families? Nescafé ?

  3. Really? It is a sin in my husband's family. They won't even let you re-heat coffee. And if the coffee is still warm but a couple of hours have gone by , they still make a fresh pot