Monday, October 25, 2010

The Anonymous Negativety Bomber

So I guess you can consider me a fairly successful blog as I have just got my first... not one... but 2! negative comments!  Just tie me up and roll me in butter, I'm as happy as a little piggy.

Ok, not so much.  The commenter was happy to talk hate, hiding under the pussy label of Anonymous. Easy to do that eh!  And was oh so quick to judge the entire basis of my blog after reading a couple of posts.

Do I make fun of Brazil sometimes? Yes. Do I make fun of everything, including myself, sometimes? Uh, yes again.  It's how I write.  I also have positive posts in their if Mr/Mrs/Ms anonymous would like to take a little time and actually read my blog.

And I'm the closed minded and judgmental one... sure...


  1. Boo. Too bad. And it's so silly that YOU'RE getting the negative comments because I think you're the most diplomatic and optimistic about living in Brazil out of all of us ("us", you know, "us", the clique!). Every "rant" is laced with a bit of cheekiness and joy. :)

    It's probably the same troll who's been leaving nasty comments on everyone else's blogs lately. If we're the clique, he's the school bully.

    Good luck!

  2. Awww, thanks Danielle! And I've never been called cheeky before! Love that

  3. Pffft I was going to say the same thing as Danielle. You never complain about Brazil and I sometimes wonder how you stay so positive about everything!!

    Take the anonymous comment option off! That'll show em... Did you read the attack they made on my blog? And always late a night under a guise. don't even worry about them. They don't even care to say anything useful... I'm totally going to write a blog about cyber bullying.

    You've got real people out there who understand you and care what you have to say. Keep it for us!

  4. I get them too. ALL THE TIME. ;)

  5. For the record, I think you're hilarious, and Anonymous is just a closet creeper that frequents blogs simply to spray his bad vibes all over the place.
    I only hope that one day he leaves his mark on my blog so that I know I've made it...

  6. Oh Rach, you'll just have to get used to the people who simnply have nothing better to do in their lives. The more famous your blog gets, the more you will be getting the hate comments. They're usually just out of plain "recalque", or "só pra contrariar", for lack of an equivalent in english. And they almost always have no basis whatsoever, it's for the sole purpose of bitching or demeaninng other people to make their lives seem a little better. 99% of us love you, so suck it up and keep posting. No more posts about hate comments, ignore them or you'll be giving them what they want...

  7. Yeah, I just had to say my piece. I don't care and if you can't make an ass of yourself on my blog, where can you?

  8. Congrats! You're a real blogger now! :) I look forward to the day I receive a negative comment. They say controversy drives readership.

    But Thais is right, 99.999% of readers love you. You have such a fun and vibrant style. Ignore the haters.

  9. It's just some bored, creepy person for sure, keep on bloggin'! I swear, your blog has in many ways made me feel so much saner about living here! Your stories, experiences and comments make me feel normal (plus you crack me up!). Thank you! I think you're hysterical and that you have a true knack for writing. I hope you get a book deal or a reality show or something! beijos