Friday, October 1, 2010

Brazilian Pantie Lines

I once asked a female Brazilian friend what the deal was with underwear down here. Why no thong?  I mean, if a Carioca can bust it out on the beach, why not under their skin tight pants? 

She said it´s because Carioca women know how to seduce men. 

Say what?  How on Earth do pantie lines seduce men?  She had a pretty good answer for that one. 

It makes them think about the woman´s panties. 

Hmmm, now there´s some food for thought.  You´d think a smooth pantie line showing a nice butt would do the trick, but maybe the Carioca woman has something there. 

First thing first, you have to understand what a Carioca woman pantie line is.  It is nothing like the US kind, aka. is not a bunch of bunched up fabric.  Oh no, the Carioca woman has panties that fit her as well as her Brazilian bikini.  It´s just a thin line cutting downf the buttock. It´s almost a thong but not quite.

It´s as if she´s saying, I could have hid them but instead I decided to make you imagine what they look like. 

It´s just plane brilliant. 


  1. I have been perplexed about this as well! I mean, thongs have always been my panty of choice and finding them here is not so easy, I hate those partial panties.

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  3. Well form your pictures your ass seems pretty hot! But I love the brazilian ass, because I have a natural one. Big and hard tone. However very out of place in the US, so I was feeling right at home with my body. I removed my old comment because of a grammer mistake.