Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coffee: The Key to the Brazilian Heart

It was very serious going into the ICU to visit the Grandma. We all had to wash our hands and turn off our cell phone. 

And then we didn´t even get offered a coffee! 

Coffee?  In an ICU? Well, they had just taking the incubation tube out of the Grandma´s throat.  She needed something to sooth it. 

It was the last confirmation I needed to show that coffee is the center of the Brazilian life.  I would never have thought that a doctor would allow a patient in the ICU to have a cup of the good stuff. 

But now that I think about it, what´s the harm in it?

And that´s the thing.  I think coffee is to adult Brazilians as a warm breast is to a baby.  It´s comfort, home, and the only way to pass a decent stool after eating all that rice. 

You have it for a snack, you have it after lunch, and the day doesn´t begin without it´s presence.

Why wouldn´t you have it at the hospital?

So if that´s how things work, please note that if I should ever end up in there, I want Pop Tarts and licorice.


  1. Great to hear she got the tube out. How's she doing today? Please remember we're here if you guys need anything.
    My OB told me I could only have a light breakfast at 6am on the delivery day. Like an orange juice and half a papaya. Say what?? No coffee? Are you already trying to kill me? Why not wait to do it in the OR and let me have a decent meal?

  2. I guess it´s back in... I don´t know what´s going on really. :(