Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Copa D'Or from the inside

We are prisoners inside, well, inside one of the nicer hospitals of Rio de Janeiro. And, dare I say, the best in Zona Sul.  That's what people say anyway.  So I figure, hell, I'll give it a little review.

And guess what, I'm one of them! I'm agreeing with what they say.  And no, it's not to suck up! 

We have gotten some seriously great care here!  For starters, I can already see a new little muffin top forming at the top of my comfy jeans.  The food is good people, for the non-patient anyway. It's ok for the kiddies.  Regardless, they are trying fatten up my boy to be the Christmas ham or something. Of course, he's not eating it so I am, I hate to waste food.  Add in my 3 meals my insurance covers (we're talking carne assada stuffed with sausage, rice and beans, corn sufle, a salad, pudim, and fresh squeezed OJ for example) and you have got yourself a Thanksgiving Rachel Turkey stuffed and ready to go. 

We also have a governess.  I have always wanted one of those. It's so Sound of Music.  Sadly, she doesn't belong to only to me but to the entire floor. She prevides the kids with dvds and books, deals with our insurance company, and brings me fresh sheets and towels daily.  I also called her once to borrow a pen. She quickly informed me that I needed to call her when I was done so she could come pick it up.  I will say, it was a nice pen.

Let's also remember the Wi-fi (spelling?), pretty bathroom, cleaning service... am I missing something?  Hmmm, hospital... hospital... hospital... Oh yeah, Doctors! They have those here too.  And nurses. Actually, we have two kind of nurses and the whole deal includes specialists and palmades as needed.  Hell, the nurses even weigh pee diapers to make sure the children are staying hydrated. They measure what comes in and what goes out.  If that isn' thorough, I don't know what is. 

All and all, I have to say that this is a good place to be when you are feeling like crap.  People are attentive, nice, and have enough patience to deal with me and extended family... actually, the extended family hasn't fully been notified... well, the ones who don't read my blog or follow me of facebook that is.  Oh, and the ones that missed the plane with the banner flying over Copacabana. 

As for the penis, it is getting the highest level of care possible. It would be unheard of in a machismo country to let a penis go unheard.  Thankfully the pediatric surgeon came today, the one who also specialises in pediatric urology, and said everything is fine. He was the first who didn't look like he was going to barf when he saw it. 

Localized infection and highly irritated area that needs to be taken care of, but no emergency surgery needed.  No emergency procedures at all. Of course, to some of my readers' utter dismay, circumcision has been deemed 100% necessary. It's not because of the infection, as it is not totally uncommon for it to get this bad, it's because of his foreskin.  Apparently, the fact that its over 50% larger makes it even easier to tell, kind of like zoom on google map. 

But the important thing is that the penis will make a full recovery, as will the little man attached to it.  Fever is still strong but it's expected to improve in 24 hrs.

As for Copa D'Or, it's now my hospital of choice, why don't you make it ours. It's like that destination vacation resort with a hurricane warning. Sucks to be stuck inside but at least they are taking good care of you.


  1. Hoping and praying and thinking good thoughts for your little guy to make a full recovery, for you to stay sane, etc. Enjoy the comforts of the hospital....3 meals a day that you don't have to cook? Sounds nice to me!

    (seriously - hope your little guy is feeling better soon!)

  2. Dear Rachel,

    It sounds like you can't go wrong with the best care in town.
    Wishing a swift recovery to your little one.

    Take care


  3. I can't even imagine what you are going though as a mother. Stay strong and you and your family are in my thoughts.

  4. My sis is a doctor in Barra d'or if you need something, just let me know!