Sunday, October 24, 2010

Internation Plane Drama, Brazilian Style

Take a drunk wife of a Brazilian judge and add two Air Marshals and what do you get?  A husband trying to keep to the rules of a happy wife = a happy life. 

So this woman, flying from the US to Brazil, was not satisfied with the amount of liquor already churning and boiling in her blood. She needed more. Unfortunately for her, she was refused anymore of the drink. As any logical (aka. Drunk) and rational (aka. Crazy) person would do, she went ahead and raided the gallery herself! 

How dare they keep the drink away from the drunk!

Well, apparently this woman isn't used to hearing the word no. I blame her husband and you will soon see why. 

The Air Marshals were asked to step in because this high class lady was too much for the flight attendants to handle without losing their smiles and elevator music toned voices. 

Maybe she was a handful because the two Marshals had to cuff her and place her under arrest. 

I can still here her scream, or what I imagine she screamed " Do you know who my husband is!!" 

Finally someone who can back that statement up.  Upon landing, the poor Air Marshals were promptly arrested for, get this, assaulting the judge's wife!  They were just doing their job!

Shame on them for not knowing their audience.  They could have avoided the entire thing if they had just asked the woman for a bribe to get her another mini-bottle and let her drink herself to sleep.  It would have been very Brazilian Civil Police of them. 

Don't feel too sorry for them just yet.  The judge and his wife were all fat and happy thinking that the Marshals were stuck in Brazil, seeing their passports were confiscated, and waiting a decision on their actions. 

Oh no they didn't!  The Marshals pulled a fast one on these guys and skipped out of the country using other travel documents!  Why wait around for self-important diplomats and overpaid judges to decide that the one judge is pussy whipped and afraid of his wife.  Screw this, we're taking our ball and going home. 

Of course it'll all be smoothed over anyway and the judge will not even get a slap on the wrist... that is, unless his wife has too much to drink. 

For more information, check out CNN


  1. We were on this flight! But we didn't notice/hear a thing during the entire flight. I wonder if she was in economy. We happened to be in business and apparently missed all the fun!

    Our loss!

  2. OK, this story is INSANE! What is wrong with crazy people?!?

  3. I love that you were on the flight Jean!

  4. hahaha your version is way better than CNN's.

  5. Yeah CNN"s version = BO-RING! Yours is WAY better!

  6. Haha I L.O.V.E your version of the story =)

  7. I JUST BLOGGED ABOUT THIS... too funny. Your version is not only better than CNNs but also better than mine. I so wish I could have been on this flight too. My theory on why this guy is so whipped by his wife is that she must have bitten him (like she did the air marshals) at some point...

  8. That's what the article I read said! bahahaha
    Here's the link, the biting part is after the jump...

  9. I hadn't heard about this and I'm so glad I have now. Lol! I would have loved to see this woman (probably in her stilettos, we know how Brazilian women dress for air travel) wrestling with two air marshals.

    Her husband must be a pretty important judge, maybe federal appeals, to rally the Federal Police like that. I'm so going to find out who the guy is. God, what a jerk.

    And just an aside, federal judges here really aren't overpaid. While they make a nice living, no federal judge could afford an apartment in Leblon on a judge's salary alone. Maybe with no kids and several years of savings. It's why my husband and I lived in Botafogo. ;)

  10. I know a Mommy judge here in Rio. She's totally normal, except that she had more or less a year off paid and got to take an additional year off not paid but with a guaranteed job after. I feel, as a Mother, that it's great she had that option. They weren't paying her and she got to be at home for those first 2 years. Takes away the compromise of being a working mother, at least a little bit.

    I agree that most public jobs are paid BANK but are paid well. The best thing about them are the perks, not the pay.