Friday, October 29, 2010

Internet Girl in an Internet World

We are an internet civilization now.  There is no denying it.  I read a funny post on Ka entre nos that made me think... and laugh.  Oh, and practice my Portuguese!  It's like tricking your brain into learning science by reading the Magic School Bus books.

Brazilians are crack head addicted to the internet, so much so that they took over Orkut before Americans even knew what it was.  And I bet if you check out nationalities on Twitter, Brazilians would have a pretty damn good percentage.  I fit right in down here!

But that's not what I've come here to talk about. I came, inspired by Ká Entre nós, to talk about the facebook photo tagger. You know that person that is posting horrible pictures of you on facebook, the ones you have to untag and make you question your friendship with said person.  Yeah, well that would be me.  I am the notorious photo poster out of my friends here in Rio. It's a problem I have acknowledged and refuse to do anything about!  I love posting photos.

Well, a friend of mine got even...

I was a little drunk, Mommy night out, and I was mocking my friend for buying the Bump it. Of course, I let her try it out on my hair and posed for a photo. I should of known.   It was posted on facebook the next day. 

So, there you go friends who question my sanity after I post and tag unflattering photos of you in bikinis.  It's not that I'm a snatch, it's that I have no personal shame and thus don't get it. I hope this makes it a little better.

And got to love the random tags of blast in the past pics:

My husband and I in Curitiba pre-babies. I guess I really can't use kids as an excuse for letting myself go.  Apparently I was already doing it in my early 20s. 

Since, I do have a little bit of shame, I'm feeling just a tingle of it in my toes.  Here's a picture to show what I really look like:

Happy Friday internet people! Now that I got a much needed hit of my internet, I'm off to enjoy the Rio de Janeiro sun!


  1. Hey beautiful, um bom finde pra vc tambem !

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  4. Hey !
    Thanks so much for talking about my Blog!
    But I'm not sure if I would like to be your friend on facebook...You are the "tag" person...and I'm the one who would love to kill all of of u! hahahaha
    By the way...You are sooo pretty in all those pictures!
    You rock girl!

  5. I'm new to Facebook (joined a few weeks ago when we moved to Rio) and surprise surprise am borderline addicted! Combine FB with email (and google translator!), and I am hopeless.

    Btw, all 3 pix of you look great! By now I'm convinced that you're simply not capable of a bad picture.

  6. all three have fabulous display of personality, and theres no sacrifice to your good looks in any of them as far as I can see!

  7. Thanks! I need to post photos more often ;) Totally disagree with you guys one the first two but hey, you make a girl feel good

  8. Korine, you'd be safe though since you live so far ;) lol

  9. funny rache! i really was lol because yes you have done Loads of me that i would rather not have had taggd! btw, that is terrible of kim, sooooooooooo un-flattering - aren't you going to post & tag?