Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is Going Off the Grid

No, this is not a political statement of any kind. I am quite literally going off the electrical grid. 

My darn building has to change the heart and soul of our electrical system. Apparently it is quite old, consists of a kite, key, and lightening or something to that effect.

So Rachel is going caveman apartment style.  We're talking no tv, dvds, computer, or internet *sob* all day long.  It's going to be quality time on crack! 

And I'm not even going to take the kids out. Seems crazy, right.  Well, how many times do you want to cruise down 5 flights of stairs, with only the use of emergency lights and two active little men. Does not sound like fun to me.

So enjoy your day. I hope to pop on with something sassy to say in the early evening.  For now, I will go finger paint my story on my living room wall. Caveman is so the new the black.

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