Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Cool is Rio? Angry Birds Cool

Rio de Janeiro has always been cool. It's like the cat's pajamas when the cat goes nude. 

Rio has now hit a whole new level of fame. No, I'm talking talking about a whole animated movie about the city thing, which is awesome in and of itself.

But movies about Rio has so been done! Of course you want to do a movie about Rio. Hell, what else are you going to do an animated movie about now that a villain turning to a hero has been done? Megamind anyone.

Yeah, we have hit the next level here in this city and it comes in the form of an itouch, iphone, and ipad app. It's called Angry Birds Rio, and I can tell you that it rocks.

In a very PC way of course. You don't actually kill anything. That'd so be crossing a line when talking about this city. No, instead you rescue kidnapped birds. You'd almost think it was Angry Birds Mexico City DF but no, there's a view. 

So check it out. Rachel's Rantings in Rio recommends this app. It's fun, rated G (no Carnaval glitter boobies that I've seen yet), and only costs you $0.99. 

Get your piece of Rio de Janeiro in the form of sassy little birds cracked out and aiming for boxes. You won't regret it. 


  1. Good Morning Rachel!!

    Thanks for the tip. I will spread the word, it sounds fun :)


  2. Angry Birds are too addictive!!! ;) X

  3. My boyfriend just showed me Angry Birds last night and I was hooked for the better part of an hour! Didn't know they had a Rio version! I'll have to tell him about it, thanks!