Saturday, March 12, 2011

Real Romance

Let's face it, love has it's ups and downs.  This goes double for those of us who "make it" in marriages.  It really isn't a surprise because people are freaking annoying.  We all are!  And this can go threefold in cross cultural relationships. Just as Mr. Rant.

So I thought I'd write a little ditty about what I think romance is. I'm sorry folks, there are no roses or candles in my romance.

Mr. Rant, this bad boy is dedicated to you!

* Taking out the trash because you know I hate it more than you.

* Waking up with the kids, even if it's your day to sleep in, because you know I am exhausted.

* Encouraging nights out with my girls. It makes both me and you saner.

* Picking up a bottle of wine on the way home. Not because I asked but because you could hear it in my voice... or screams.

* Making sure my favorite series are recorded, even if it's (gasp) Grey's Anatomy. Which I'm over by the way. Totally jumped the shark.

* Eating the same flavor pizza every time we order from Dominos. I can't help it, I love Catuperoni! Pepperoni and Catupiry cheese. If you don't know what this is, time to educate yourself.

* Telling me that I didn't need to worry about losing the baby weight when I really did. We talked about it after said weight was lost. He got a bit scared for a minute. I looked at pictures. He had a right to be!

* Sleeping with the bedroom door open with the night light even though it annoys him. I want the kids to be able to find us...

* Encouraging me to blog, even though I write about him or his family half the time.

* Liking me "fuller" than I was when we married.  Apparently, before I was too skinny.

* Laughing with me mid-fight because, let's be honest, we were both being ridiculous.

What is "real" romance to you?

This post is dedicated to the Tweets: @Mrsmakeaway and @ambzboogie


  1. Rachel,

    I am sure what you described is far more than romance, it looks like REAL LOVE!
    I also think only a few people are so privilege to enjoy what you two have in a lifetime. Even better when you recognized it, appreciate it and enjoy it :)

  2. We forgive each other our shortcomings.

  3. ha my hubs needs to read this forwarding to him now!

  4. people are so annoying...unfortunately this means i am, too. so thank you, mrs, for sleeping with your cpap on so i don't have to listen to you snore. even if it makes you look like a koala. i hope i cut out something equally as annoying for you.