Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoe DNA?

I have boys that love shoes. All three of them. It obviously must be something in their DNA.

Today was a particularly interesting shoe day as Mr. Rant stated he only had one pair of shoes he could wear. The tupperware full of shoes in my closet begs to differ, not to mention the ones in the laundry area.

That's when he started to explain himself. My converse are too casual, my brown Pumas pinch my fingers (I always correct him but it never sticks. Very cute), my orange Pumas are too thin for the amount of walking I'll do today, and so on and so forth.

Talk about adjusting generalizations of the sexes.  Throw me a pair of Havaianas and I'm set!  Of course that makes dressing me up a bit of a strain. At this point I'm so unaccustomed to heels that I walk like a large straight man dressing like a woman for the first time.

The funniest part is, my boys are the same as my husband!  Both of them are obsessed with their shoes.  Once they realized that there was a selection to choose from, they insisted on picking out which ones to wear.  And they get super pissed if any of them ever get "misplaced" or are unavailable. 

Then again, I should have known. Brother-in-law is also a shoe fanatic. Hell, he even makes sure his Havaianas match with his boardshorts. He's taking metro to the beach baby.

Ah well, what can a girl do. So what if my oldest went through a 6 month stage of only wearing his rain boots during Rio de Janeiro's summer.  Choice of footwear is not a mountain I'm willing to die on.

At the very least, all three of my men are happy to let me dress them.  That is as long as I let them pick out that special pair shoes calling to them from the pile. 


  1. hehe they sound stylish! there's nothing wrong with that !!

  2. and yet my girl ditches the shoes first chance she gets. Bare footed is the way to go for her, always...

  3. My husband suffers from the same obsession. He has more shoes than me and they seem to all be variations on the same idea. At least I've got platforms, stilettos, dressy sandals, flip flops, sneakers and moccasins (which he says erase any remaining doubt people may have about me being a gringa)

  4. Rachel,

    It sounds like you are raising the future generation of Brazilians who will pay 350 dollars for a pair of fancy Nikes, or Pummas if they follow their dad's footsteps ;)
    My brother is exactly the same, I am starting to wonder if this is a Brazilian thing...

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