Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brazilian Cuties for your Tuesday

Thank you Made in Brazil for the wonderful picture!

Today's cuties are new Brazilian faces for me. Our first cutie being Mateus Verdelho. He was a wonderful suggestion from my friends over at Bobofeed. Although I also found this picture of him:

I'm sorry but this is not Cutie territory any longer! Moving on.

Meet Ana Beatriz Barros. Apparently she is a world renown model. We have only just met via the internet. I think she is adorably beautiful in this photo. However, if you would like to use my friend Google you will find that she can also jump out of the cutie zone and into sex on wheels.

I'm starting to think that Brazilians have a little too much sex-appeal to pull off cute!

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  1. Rachel,

    Keep dam hotties coming :)
    Just voted for you!! You are number 1!!!
    Woot, woot!
    Go Rachel!!!


  2. You know, I'm thinking all the skin stays! How better to represent Rio than with the hotties!

    And thanks Ray! You are the wind beneath my wings!:)

  3. Muito obrigado for the shout-out Rachel! Outstanding work on selecting photo #2! Looking forward to next Tuesday!

    Bee & Jay

  4. Ana Beatriz wants me, I can tell from the photo.

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