Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Full Bush

I was thinking about women's bushes and their styles. You see, there has been a bit of a controversy around the Brazilian wax. Apparently it's giving the vagina a hard time.

Weird right, a Vag hair style being a controversy. Like we don't have enough to worry about in the world. At the same time, the Brazilian wax is a total movement. People who get them do it religiously. Again, weird obsession with pubic hair.

So I started to wonder if it had something to do with partner preference. In this day and age, how would a man react if he pulled down a lady's pants and was time warped into the 1960s? Personally, I bet he'd hit it anyway and then just talk about it to his friends later. Personally, I can't imagine eating out carpet. Not that poonanny is my cup of tea either but it is an even less desirable thought when it includes a mouthful of hair.

And it's not just us ladies. If I pulled down Mr. Rant's pants and found a freaking rain forest, we'd have to talk. My throat does not like to be flossed. Leave the hair but make some room for us to get in there without the fear of getting trapped in a jungle.

So I ask you, how important is pubic hair? Do you have a preference or are you just pleased to be getting some?


  1. hahaha, laughing too hard to comment really, but will say, mine likes variety so I usually follow special requests. And the rest is too graphic to comment about! My Mom reads this blog ya know. = )

  2. I'm a hippie-natural kind of guy -- but Luiz trims. ;-)

    I don't like thinking I'm involved with a pre-pubescent boy. Uck!

    TMI grrl!

  3. I know what you mean Jim, I'm not into being totally bare down there. I earned at least a little something ;)

    Steph, requests?

  4. It seems that this topic is getting talked about on another blog. It must be something in the air (or hair--pun intended)?


    Naturally, I feel everyone has a right to groom as they wish and have their preferences, but I must say I get completely irked when men expect women to be hairless and then deem it gross if a woman happens to have one errant hair. I mean, what the... we are mammals! My preference is keeping things tidy, but hell to the no with complete deforestation. It just looks bizarre and harsh to me, but different strokes for different folks.

  5. LOL - this had me cracking up - and uh, where was the MayNotBeSafeForWork warning??? I had to scroll down quickly ;)

    oh, and I keep things tidy, but not usually anything too crazy ;)

  6. I like to be tidy, but I think having no hair is weird. Men should want to sleep with women who have public hair, right? Like, that means we have hit puberty. But I agree that you should keep up with maintenance and not let things get out of control.

  7. A nice trim landing strip is always nice to bring the ol' Airbus in. LOL! Such the Rachel post!

  8. Greg- glad you liked it. I think you were missing me ;)

    And AMEN to all the tidies out there!

  9. FYI: My blog in general may not be safe for work ;)

  10. We both prefer the "tidy landing strip" in general, but like Stephanie I also take requests so we can change it up a bit. Maybe I'll try the heart shaped landing strip next time? Hmmm...

    As long as he never requests a merkin, I'm happy to play around with the lawn a bit ;0)

    Oh, and I totally agree that he also has to be trimmed up, and you had me laughing out loud with the throat flossing thing!

  11. Best tattoo ever!

    I shave pretty much everything except my arms because I have a thing against body hair. I feel better when I've shaved. My husband neatens up because throat flossing? Not my thing.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA, Omy, It has been hard to even catch my breath laughing my head off while reading all these hilarious comments. OK, I know this post is old like my granny Damn, I don't care, but I just had to comment on this post.

    Rachel, Rachel, Rachel... you are impossible!!!

    You should know by now that all the rest of Brazilians think Cariocas love a peculiar sense of humor - spiced with the "carioquíssimo deboche". Hence, to say that " Cariocas are (deliciously) 'debochados' " Well, I don't know if you're already aware of this, but to me you sound just like a typical "Carioca debochada", HAHAHAHA.

    Oh, I was forgetting to say that I second Jim on his opinion, I like it all natural.



  13. I love brazilian wax and my hubby does tooo!
    He never had a brazilian girlfriend before and he found it much better like mine (:
    Well, this is what he tells me anyway....hahahha

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