Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The House that Hoarders Built

The beauty of apartment hunting in Rio de Janeiro is the x factor. There is a BIG x factor in this city!

Take today for instance. I randomly saw an adorable house for sale in Santa Teresa. The price was very reasonable and the pictures were beautiful. I started dreaming about leaving apartment life and moving to a chic place in the artist/thieving district.

So it came as a surprise when I arrived at the home to discover that it had been split into two home and I was seeing the other one. Oh was it the other one alright!

To make matters even more pleasant, it is also the home of hoarders! No, I'm not exaggerating here. We're talking serious hoarding. Yes, paths were made through the crap and one room could not even be entered.

I have always known that there is a big potential for great hoarders in this country. Whatever is not thrown out the window is usually saved. Brazilians fix things, at least the older ones do, and save things that could possibly have later use. Obviously this is paradise for those who take saving to the next level of mentally questionable.

And while I attempt not to judge but only mock the crazy, this crossed the line. I don't care if you save a sample from every stool, I just don't want to visit your apartment while you are doing so.

That is why I am here to ask the hoarders of Rio de Janeiro to give a girl a warning. Put up a note like do not throw away the trash, we like to save it. Or hand out a pair of booties to put over my shoes before I walk in. I have no problem with you wanting to sell your place. I do, however, have a problem walking through a home that would make a dumpsite feel inadequate.

On an ironic side note, the garage was clean and empty! 


  1. Omg! they weren't ashamed? I can't believe you walked through it.

  2. OMG can't believe they left all their trash in the apartment. Great blog. Just voted for you in the Top 25 Expat Mom Bloggers. Vote for me if you love my blog too !

  3. I had to walk through it! I just kept telling myself, be mature! And they were not embarrassed, only cranky!

    Thanks Emma! I will go checks yours out now :)

  4. Last time I was looking an apartment for buying I also saw MANY places where there were ALWAYS one or two rooms closed and I was told I couldn't see them [because they were full of crap that would burst into my arms if they open the door]!!! And so many beautiful apartments in old charming buildings looked really like a ...well...dumpsite!! Carioca is really a natural born hoarder. They try to save everything, except the planet!

  5. Rachel,

    You are kicking butts at "121"
    Just voted again ;)

  6. Maija, You are telling me! Although this is the first time I have met a hoarder. Maybe hoarders like Urca ;)

    Ray: The Godfather of my blog. Thank you:)

  7. So funny that the garage was empty!

  8. I knew a hoarder in San Francisco. His apartment was just a few trails through towers of stacked magazines and books, bags of whatever, and precariously balanced 'stuff'.

    He was an expensive therapist! WTF?

  9. Rachel,

    You made me blush now!
    This is the biggest honor!
    You know you have always been our blog's Godmother too! :)