Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm in Love... With my Kindle

I'm in love and it's with my kindle. You know when you look at someone, like a child for instance, and smile because they just make you so happy. I do that with my kindle.

Take yesterday for instance. I was looking on Amazon for phonic books for my preschooler and I stumbled upon one for the kindle. Oh kindle, you sassy little piece of technology. Children's books! Who knew?!

In around 3 key strokes I was the proud owner of a new book in, gasp, English! You do not know how big of a deal this is. For years I've read any hand-me-down books given to me. I would scan street vendors and buy anything, literally anything, they had in English. I even got so low as to read one romance novel.

I often fantasied about reading that new book that was the current talk of the town. Would I go crazy if I could get any book I wanted at a snap of a finger? Once I started with these fantasies I realized that I was officially a desperate book whore.

Thankfully my parents came to my rescue this past Christmas. My Mother insisted that I get one and, as it turns out, she had already purchased my Kindle as my present from them. I was a bit torn. Riding that wannabe book snob wave of 'I'll miss turning pages,' I didn't know if I'd love it.

Well, I'll tell you this now, I was insane. My Kindle is now my 3rd and favorite child. The screen looks like a freaking book page, it automatically saves the page you left off on, and I can buy books impulse shopping style in 2 seconds. It's an expat's best friend! It and Mexican seasoning packets that we bring back with us after visiting home.

And you can take it everywhere! Ok, not everywhere. I do live in Rio de Janeiro and I like to be careful with new technology. Yes, the Kindle is mysterious here, a large part of the population not even quite knowing what it is. Most times you'll just be bombarded with questions but sometimes it's a little more than that. Case in point, Danielle's experience on the beach.

But my little Kindle lover is so light and small that I just carry a bigger bag and no one is the wiser. You and me Kindle, we're going to take over the world!


  1. Rachel,
    I completely agree. I got one just before we moved to France for just this reason and it has saved me.

  2. going to US in 2 weeks and only buying two electronics--gps and Kindle! excited. havent read a book in about 2 years :S

  3. I downloaded Kindle for my pc and love it!

  4. Yeah it's really great to have, even with the hiccups. :D

  5. Check out these two links for cover ideas and other accessories (like a waterproof cover - whih probably works to keep sand out).

  6. Oh Rachel! I've been talking myself out of buying one for months now and here you go tempting me!

  7. I was so happy to read this post! I have been thinking about getting a kindle for awhile, but thought I would miss turning the pages too much. I am also a fellow book whore, and am getting desperate for new reading material! They do see a few newer English books where I live in Denmark, and there is even an English section at the library where you can find the occasional modern day treasure, but that is not enough for me. There are so many new books I have been dying to read! Your post helped me realize that since I am an expat, I definitely need a kindle. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog by the happy to have you as a reader :)