Monday, May 30, 2011

Important Information (to Rachel that is)

It may not seem like much to all of you but this is 100% golden information for this girl right here.

You see, I'm freakishly addicted to good candy. Here in Rio that's not always a good thing. You see, Brazilian candy blow serious ass when in competition with American candy. First off, everything is bite sized and secondly, there's no caramel and peanut butter!

Well, there's the one "foreigners" box of candy they sell at Lojas Americanas, but if you're like me you don't want to have to bust out R$8 for an entire mixed box of candy when you are only looking for one thing... the Holy Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

That and if you buy a whole damn box of candy, you'll eat it all.  World, my ass is only requesting one, thank you very much.

So my husband has showed me the light, or totally corrupted me in yet another way, as I am addicted to a Brazilian substitute of the cup. I tell you this, it's not as creamy but is pretty damn good.

Without further ado, my new cup substitute is the Hershey's Paçoca candy bar. Oh yes, they have taken this Brazilian time honored peanut treat, made it into a bar, and have covered it in chocolate. And you all said that Brazil doesn't have 1st world qualities in it.

So if you want a Reeses, and are open for something close but not quite right, I recommend the Paçoca bar. Let's face it, sometimes as expats you just have to make due with what you got. At least this time it's a damn tasty way to do it!

Have you found a substitute for your favorite candy?


  1. Are you reading my mind? About ten seconds ago I ate a shit excuse for a piece of chocolate because it was the only thing I could find in the whole house. I think it was a garoto chocolate...barf...
    and I thought 'god I've got to write a blog post on chocolate' except that my piece would not be holding reeses peanut butter cups up on a pedestal either. Coming to think of it I think I just threw two squashed ones away....will dig them out of the bin and you can have them!!

  2. You threw them into the trash! That'll get you a time out in my house Missy!

  3. About time somebody thought of putting "pacoca" with Chocolate, what took civilization so long to acomplish such simple task!!! :)

  4. humn, makes me wonder what else paçoca could be good for. Perhaps it could sub for peanut butter in a Cream of Peanut Soup recipe.

    Btw I think it took so long for people to take paçoca seriously because it is called, well, paçoca ( this candy took some serious beatings in the school yard).

  5. Ohh lala I looooooooooooooove Pacoca! So exciting they put it with hersheys, I always eat it as ice cream with chocolate sauce (at our local place.. never seen it as ice cream in grocery store) but its awesome, my new favorite thing about brazil!!!