Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help Solve a Mystery!

A friend and I were walking up to Aterro in Flamengo with the boys. We suddenly see a man run off with two police men chasing after him. There was regular car (not cop car) stopped in the middle of traffic with both doors open. The police men were in uniform. The man ran from, what seemed to be, the vicinity of said car. When the police did not catch the man, they awkwardly entered and drove off in the vehicle.  

The above picture is of the car stopped in the middle of traffic. 

I have my theories but I want to know, what do you think happened? 


  1. Well, I can't even begin to think about what that could have been...really strange! If I were watching this unfold in front of me I'm guessing I would break down into a nervous laughing fit. Awkward!

    Anyway, great blog! I really enjoy reading your "rants" and experiences. Valeu!

  2. I'm assuming it was a stolen car...

  3. Oh for goodness sake. I don't think I even want to know.

  4. This has "Tropa de Elite" type of drama written all over it, who knows!
    Or maybe they were just rehearsing for the next 007 movie in Rio ;)


  5. In situations like these, when a person is told to halt and prefers to run, you wish the officers would simply take a shot at the perpetrator when it was safe to do so (no risk to bystanders).

    Instead the Rio police prefer to behave like this.

    I must say, not to stir regional rivalries but the São Paulo Police officers are in general sooo much better than their Rio counterparts.
    Get with the program dudes. If not just forfeit your salaries and pass them over to the Fire Department.

  6. I think that either the car was stolen and the police almost caught him or that he tried to do something to police in an undercover car

  7. Does Brazil have bait cars like they do in the US? Well obviously not I guess, as the US Bait cars doors lock.. but how's that the Brazilian Bait car?

  8. Wow, really strange. But there is a lot of undercover police men in Rio, maybe they were chasing that guy after a complaint.