Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working Dads

There are a lot of posts about Stay at Home Moms and how we rock this world. Let's be honest, it's pretty damn accurate. At the same time, the working Dads are doing their part. This one is for them!

We all have our cross to bear, so let's even out the playing field. While Moms bust their asses every day, this is what the working Dad has to deal with:

* If it's pouring rain we Moms can declare a jammie day. My poor husband has to face the storm and head to work. This is particularly hard for him as a Carioca (Brazilian from Rio) because they are made of sugar and melt in the rain.

* It's not fun to come home to find that your child, while you were at work, learned to crawl, talk, walk, and was accepted to their first choice college. You kind of feel like you missed out.

* The kids scream when Mommy leaves as if you are some freakish 13 year old babysitter. "But you just don't put us to bed like Mommy!" This too shall pass, the moment they realize that Dad lets them watch PG13 movies, order pizza, and play video games, they will ask Mommy to go out every night.

* You work your ass off for your paycheck. You have to show a presentation to your boss for that raise you just got. At the same time, you have the same "allowance" because junior still needs diapers. Who knew you'd work so hard just to buy stuff for your kid to crap in.

* Your wife gets to say "You never see your kids!" and yet you can't reply with "That's because you don't work!"

* Your "free time" is spent with the kids because you never see them. Of course that time is Mommy's free time because she's always with the kids. When did your free time become free babysitter time?!

* You got married and thought that you'd never have to work to get laid again. You married your girl! How is it then that you come home horny after a long day at work but your wife is the one that is too tired...

* When you get home late from work, she has already drank all the wine. Not that you like wine but she also drank the beer. Why don't you get to drink at work?

*Somehow, in parenthood, you have half the friends you had before and your wife has double. Not only that, you get set up on "Man dates" with your wife's friend's husband. Awkward!

I guess it comes down to team work. I am here eating cold leftover pasta, blogging, and babysitting while he is out trouble shooting and having a hamburger for dinner. Neither one of us is totally pleased with the situation.

And that is my point to my fellow stay at home Moms. As much as we have the thankless jobs that go unnoticed, they have the ones that are considered a given. For each time we have to listen to stories about that bitch client, they have to listen to stories about how so-and-so's child doesn't know how to share.

Amazing how shoes are really uncomfortable on other people's feet...

Any other examples? I know you guys have them!


  1. what about us working single moms?

  2. Single Moms deserve the medal of honor! I have no idea how you manage to do all you manage to do and still have enough energy and patience to do homework, bedtime stories, and bedtime. I have the utmost respect for the single Moms out there!

  3. Oh Rachel. True. I feel compassion too but my problem is I'm a SAHM and though my husband goes to work (he's self employed) there's no paycheck at the end of the month. We're living out of my savings supporting us and his parents!!!
    Oh how I'd love to trade places with him but his ego won't have him admit the reality.