Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not: Something Rio de Janeiro Should Learn

I'm thinking about adding a few thousand to the price of my apartment now that it technically has a view of water. Sure, it's actually a broken pipe that has been spilling gallons upon gallons of water out onto the sidewalk, down the street, and down the drain since Saturday but still counts!

Obviously though, it's no big deal to be losing a ridiculously large amount of good drinking water. It's not like there are people around the world who would be laying on the ground with a straw just to get a sip. Noooo, not at all. 

And thank goodness we residents of Rio de Janeiro pay an enormous amount of taxes to the city so that they can be prompt about fixing important things. 

I mean hell, if sewage is allowed to leak all over the streets occasionally, why not fresh water too? Maybe it's actually a cheap government program that aims to clean the streets without using any sort of man power. 

Seriously though, I walk by and I think of Haiti and how freaking wasteful this is. 

Get your shit together Rio de Janeiro! Turn off the freaking water to my building if you have to! I'm sure one of my lovely readers will let me stay with them, right guys? 


  1. You right of course, it is a waste and CEDAE should be able to fix it fast.

    Water in Brazil is still relatively plentiful so you might have a stronger reaction if you say you are worried about the possibility of Dengue due to water accumulation...

    Silly question, did you or someone complain to CEDAE?

  2. The building has called twice, although I will recommend they say something dengue related

  3. Rachel,

    Come over, coastal New England welcomes you with open arms! :)
    Our beaches are awesome this time of the year!
    Bring your boys and have a blast, you should be getting here just in time for Blueberry harvest! :)


  4. Rio is full of these problems indeed, now i walk afraid in the downtown (centro) because of these culverts that are exploding. I'm here a little while but i can see that public authorities are not very competent, The authorities should take some providence about that.

  5. LOL. Why do you think they call this city Rio de Janeiro? I've never seen a city with so many rios de rua - of course I haven't been to Venice yet.

  6. Ah Venice, the only place in the world where open sewage is considered an attraction.