Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

This is our new friend Mr. Mihaly Martins. He is a Brazilian model in the BOSS Orange Campaign. I swear this photo is saying 'Rachel, hop onto my motorcycle, one ride won't kill you.' 

Good Morning to Alessandra Negrini. This is Mr. Rant's Hottie choice this Friday. In his words she is "the girl next door and smart hot." You got to love a man who loves women who "look like real women." 


  1. I get the next ride on that bike! And yes - gotta love a woman who is not so skinny you want to buy her an açai at the beach.

    [Wow - it's Friday-Sunday already?]

  2. I would like to hop onto his motorcycle as well !!!

  3. Would have loved to have Mihaly Martins featured as the hero on the cover of my Harlequin romance novels! I would have sold more copies for sure ;)

  4. I think he could sell just about anything!

  5. hmmm...just once around the block!