Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Less American

Today I am a little less American. I don't know how or when Brazil did this to me but it has officially started happening. 

I splurged on Doritos cheddar cheese dip and dipper chips at the gas station while on my way home from teaching. I have made it through half the medium sized bag of chips and not even a fourth of the fake cheese and am already full!

Let's not even mention how I can't eat McDonalds anymore without getting sick to my stomach. 

I am going to go check my email to see if the Consulate has written asking for my passport back. 


  1. You need rehab A.S.A.P.!!!!
    I suggest a vacation to somewhere very American such as Texas or California, forget New York, it's too international.
    Lot's of P&B sandwiches, hurry up and max out all your credit cards...
    Sell your regular sized Brazilian car and up grade to an 8 cylinder SUV, ok, nothing smaller than a 6 cylinder engine, this is very important.
    Find some canned beans, eat hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week, don't forget cheedar cheese.
    Make pancakes with lot's of mapple syrup for breakfast every morning...
    Hurry, there is still time to recover!!!
    Start reading a Bible, any Bible, and make sure to accept Jesus Christ in your heart as your savior, and only savior. ( Ok, this is optional, let's not push it )
    You should be fine.


  2. hahahaha.
    And oh man, that picture.

    I was just thinking about writing a post about how I am still so, so, American in terms of craving unhealthy food, and how the only reason I'm not still fat is because I'm forced to eat healthier and I can't pay the delivery guy with my debit card. Brazil is like a giant fat camp. I crave Taco Bell like nobody's business.

  3. Huh, California isn't very international? That's a new one to me. I actually didn't eat that well in Brazil based on my stubborness to eat sweets, and the fact that it was so bloody hot and humid all the time (in Manaus) made me want to eat only ice cream and Bob's Ovalmatine shakes.


  4. Even Whole Foods can get you fat now, you know...I went there to get lunch one day and they had taco fixins...then I realized that the taco bar was permanent! The taco I made was so delicious though!!! :-) Gina

  5. Oh the ovomaltine shakes are so yummy in Brazil! So funny seeing a rather expensive swiss product being so popular over there..I mean we have ovomaltine chocolate in Germany and hardly anyone eats it..but I had never seen these shakes before!!