Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Maze of the Uninspired

I'm starting to think my Mother-in-law was right about the whole Feng Shui thing. I am so uninspired I may as well be constipated. 

She told us to not put our computer in our little office alcove in the hallway. She said "The energy there is not conducive to creativity. You will not be able to perform if that is your work area." Of course all of that was in Portuguese and said much more eloquently but go with me for a minute.

I finally got tired of having the damn computer on a table in our dining room. It looked like crap and we are trying to sell our place. I said screw it with this eastern froofy crap. Screw the moon, the stars, and the direction of our home. Let's put stuff where it actually goes. 

And here I am lacking any and all motivation to write. Actually, I have motivation up to the moment I sit down at the freaking computer. 

So it got me thinking, maybe we weren't bat ass crazy to not buy that first AMAZING apartment because the bathroom is in the middle (I'm still bitter about it by the way). I'm also thankful that my c-section with The Menace happened to land on a good moon.

Yes, my Mother-in-law told me dates for when the moon would be favorable (once C-section talk started). I looked at Mr. Rant and asked how in the hell I was supposed to explain this to my OBGYN. He shrugged. I thought about who I had to deal with the next 20+ yrs. Guess who won.

So now I am wondering where I should move this freaking desktop. Apparently astrology is the new black and it is stopping my creativity. I know you all have some "reasonable" explanations behind it but it's been over a month of scraping at the edges and my mind is starting to hurt.

Hot damn, I just may buy 3 bottles of wine and pull out my copy of The Sun Almost Rises. I just need one true sentence.

Any suggestion as what it may be?


  1. haha. Oh, those pesky mothers-in-law. Maybe don't try to start with the first sentence. Try to start with whatever scene(s) came to you first or gave you the idea to write in the first place. You can come back to the beginning later. I know that's not a feng shuei advice but hopefully it'll help nonetheless.

  2. Good advice from Danielle.

    When I get stuck I post a video -- lazy, I know, but it keeps things moving until I get anotehr idea.

    Also, you could put more mirrors in your hallway nook to try and fool the Feng Shui gods...

  3. Going to try both those things. May have to put mirrors on the ceiling as there's no more space in this office. May end up turning into a different kind of room after all ;)

  4. Rachel I hate to sound like you MIL, but Mercury is Retrograde, so not much productive can really happen right now. This is a time to relax, reconsider, reevaluate, reassess and reflect. And follow the free feng shui's worth it.

  5. Rachel,

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  6. Oh, one more thought: perhaps you are burned out and need some time from the blog. No longer than two weeks or I will call Procon.

  7. Jennifer, good point. I did know that but have been surprisingly productive regardless... until now anyway!

    Gritty, our fountain of information. I believe I will lay low this weekend and maybe Monday. But hotties for your Friday can not be missed. Any suggestions anyone?

    And if I do disappear for that long, you know something is up ;)

  8. How about Carol Trentini as a hottie?

    Not the best pic, just to get an idea.

  9. put your computer wherever u like!! :)

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  10. Hot damn, those are some suggestions! Thank you!