Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I am really saddened by the Santa Teresa Bonde accident. For those who don't know, we have a trolley (bonde) in Rio that goes up to the artistic neighborhood of Santa Teresa. It was overloaded with passengers yesterday and crashed. The breaks went out for 20 meters and then the thing went flying.

I just keep thinking about the people who got on it. Some of them were probably going home, some just going on a ride on the trolley, others going up to Santa Teresa for lunch, and the tourists were striking another must-see item off of their Rio de Janeiro list.

Then I start to think doubly about the tourists. They are just here checking out the city. They don't have anyone to come visit them at the hospital and, quite possibly, hardly speak Portuguese.  Waking up in a hospital at home is scary, now imagine waking up in serious condition in a Brazilian public hospital!

My thoughts to everyone who was on the trolley and their families.


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  1. That's so tragic. My prayers go out to their families.

  2. mine too, rach.

    you're such a sweet girl!

  3. Awww, my thoughts are with those hurt. Especially those with no one to visit!

  4. Oh my! My thoughts and prayers are also with the families!

  5. Sounds terrible and of course, something that doesn't make the news here. Thanks for your thoughts!

  6. Oh my goodness. I hadn't heard of this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with their families.

  7. it was clear it was going to happen soon.. shame on the government for letting it happen.
    since they didnt do anything before the accident hopefully they will do something now.

  8. I don't know if it was clear that it would happen soon but I do have to say that they should fill it that full.

  9. I saw this on the news yesterday (I think CNN Intl) and immediately thought of you. It's always awful when something like this happens, and there's always a lash out of "the gov't should have done something" (we've had the same problem here after a couple airplanes crashed while flying over the Nazca lines).

    My thoughts are with the families affected.


  11. This was super surreal. We took the bonde up like an hour before the crash (hanging off the side, uhh...) Supposedly the government has, in fact, known for a long time that repairs needed to be made (I heard something like they haven´t done a real overhaul in 30 years, but who knows), and there was going to be a big march this morning to that effect. I was thinking the same thing about the tourists (not that it´s any less of a big deal for the Brazilians), but I´ve been to the hospital where I could barely speak the language and it is completely terrifying.

  12. oh wow, scary!

    I read on facebook that there will be a manifestacao on the 1st at 7pm.

    I had no idea they had put off repairs for that long!

  13. I was very shocked when I heard the news - we were out of town, but this is *just* round the corner from where we live. Very sad for the victims and their families.

    Of course finger pointing won't bring the people back, but it is shameful that repairs had not been carried out. The cars are rickety and that is part of their charm, but basic safety and maintenance for one of the city's great tourist attractions should go without saying. Sad that it takes an accident of this scale to push people into doing the job they should be doing anyway.

  14. Finger pointing is a shame. I agree it doesn't bring anyone back. At the same time, I think it may force the city to stay on top of things. I still can't believe how many people they fit on that thing!

  15. I saw a facebook link about this on Saturday but didn't know the details. How awful and tragic! My thoughts are with those hurt in the accident.