Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What NOT to Buy your Spouse for Brazilian Father's Day

Brazilian Father's Day is right around the corner. Have you gotten a special something for that Brazilian Father of your babies? Here is a guide as to what you should NOT get him this year. 
  1. A Soccer shirt from the wrong team. People, the one thing a Brazilian man is faithful to is his team. Remember it!
  2. A trip to the man beauty parlor. While chic, having that nasty toe picked apart and cleaned is really a gift for you. 
  3. Man lingerie. They want the sex but without the mocking.
  4. Couples Samba lessons. Who is that gift really for?
  5. A day alone with the kids. Family time is good but babysitting does not make for a relaxing Father's Day.
  6. A personalized picture tie. Let's just make sure he'll get made fun of at the office. 
  7. A picture of you and the kids for his desk. This is more of a reminder for the hot secretary. No need to wait for a commercial holiday to gift it.
  8. A bike to help him get into shape, that is unless he specifically asked for it. You wouldn't like to receive a step machine to help you out with your post baby ass, would you? I didn't think so.
  9. Creepy laser portrait paperweight of the family. I get the heebie jeebies just looking at the pictures on the site!
  10. The book: Penis Enhancement Surgery: A Self Help Guide For Men


  1. Ha! Ok, you totally made up for forgetting our Friday's hot models... ;)


  2. The "personalized picture tie" is HIDEOUS.
    Who would ever wear such a thing ?

  3. HA. One year I had my daughter paint a tie for my husband for Father's Day. I, of course, thought it was the ultimate in creative fashion... I haven't seen him wear it yet. Maybe I'll add the photo tie to his collection!

  4. Now I am wondering when Hot Secretary Day is celebrated. Perhaps this is because I watched "Hall Pass" a few days ago.
    Humn (pondering: possible Father Day's gift, Hall Pass, hot secretary...)