Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brazilian men: Hot or Just Charming?

I ran across an old friend on Facebook the other day. This old friend comes out in my stories as being absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, I still remember thinking, every time I saw him, that he was gorgeous. Of course, the Facebook photos tell a different story.

Don't get me wrong, he's a good looking guy. The thing is, Facebook only provides the image. No charm is involved. That got me thinking, how much of Brazilian hotness is due to personality?

Honestly, Brazilian men are freaking charming! They are smoother than butter. They are smoother than a male swimmer's legs! Hell, there's a Carioca rule that if you are into the girl you try to kiss her within the first 5 minutes. You miss that window and it's all downhill from there.

Some foreigner girlfriends and I were discussing just this last week. We are all from different countries and have had experience with men from different countries as well as Brazilians. The consensus was that Brazilian men have a smoothness that we foreigners have not seen anywhere else. One minute they come to say hello, the next minute you are kissing, and the next minute you are buck naked and having sex on their dining room floor. Alright, maybe their Mother's dining room floor as a shockingly large amount of Brazilian men live at home for far too long. Whole different blog post.

It made me stop for a minute and just look at Mr. Rant. Thank goodness we have been married for almost 8 yrs now and he wastes hardly any of that charm on me at this point. (Isn't it nice how I turned that into a positive?)  Anyway, I can say that I do find him very attractive. He's hot! Phew!

None-the-less I really couldn't keep my hands off him when we met... and for like 3 years afterward. After a night with him you'd think he had created the bra hook with the ease in which he got that bad boy off!

Let's also not forget how well he handled my awkward ways. When we met he was sexy and smooth and I would say something lame. He continued to be sexy and smooth and then I would be awkward and sarcastic. There was no stopping the smooth people... and obviously it worked.

Fast forward and I married the guy. Personally, I'd like to act as if that compliments me because I caught this charming man. But let us be honest, I am living in Brazil and have learned Portuguese. The force in him is strong my friend.

If I had to compare the Brazilian charm to anything I would say it is like a top shelf tequila. It slides down so smooth you almost think you aren't drinking alcohol at all. Of course 2 or 3 sips in you are practically bar girl putty in their hands. Be warned ladies!

FYI, you can grow a tolerance to it just like tequila, and that is a good thing!

So what is more important to you, charm or beauty? Do you find Brazilians particularly charming or is it just me? 


  1. No amount of charm or hotness turns me on as much as brains (not that I'd go for a stinky, white-as-pupae internet geek)... but, coming from a country not far off from Brasil on guys being charmers, that kind of charm actually makes me turn into little Miss Porcupine.
    On the other hand, those who took their time, talked of interesting stuff (more science, less politics) and didn't pull any duckfaces and eyebrow-tricks, had better chances back in the day!

  2. It's the charm! No matter how good looking a person is they have to be able to make you feel at ease (as evidenced by your own love story) and as for brains; smart men know how to charm a girl! ;)

  3. hmmm i dunno. i know a lot of not so charming brazilian men....but perhaps that's because of my region of the country. i think my husband is both charming and hot, but i didnt kiss him after 5 minutes of meeting him and it took at least a WEEK to get any farther than that! i could say it's a paulistano vs carioca difference, but maybe it's just an individual personality difference ;)

  4. they are GREAT kissers! I gave up kissing men from another nationality !! :)

  5. Give me both! Luiz is one of the most charming men I know.

  6. Paulo and I have talked a lot about this in regards to both genders. There are a lot of Brazilians who we wouldn't consider naturally beautiful, but their charm makes them hot. On the other hand, there are a lot of people with good looking genes walking who just don't come across as beautiful because of the way they hold themselves/interact/etc. I like a mixture of good looking and charm, and I believe my husband has both. Lucky me! ;)

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  8. My husband and I met during the 2006 football world cup, when Italy famously (that is for the two of us) won the tournament and became world champion. My Carioca husband-to-be asked me out, and I cheeckily replied "Only if Italy wins the world cup"...Italians unlike Brazilians do not hold much faith in their home team...anyway, to make the story short, when Italy DID actually win the cup a couple of weeks later, I had already been initiated to the wonderful world of Carioca luuuv.
    I do not fancy men who pluck their eyebrows or wear tighter jeans than I do, and that's why I kinda staryed away from my own home boys in Italy. Personally I found the Brazilian man to be the perfect compromise: smooth on the inside but more manly on the outside : )

  9. My Brazilian husband is both HOT and charming ;). He won me over quickly...

  10. I LOVED "Personally I found the Brazilian man to be the perfect compromise: smooth on the inside but more manly on the outside : )"

  11. I don't know about Brazilian men, but for sure Brasileiras have a certain spice to them that just makes me smile. I just love to listen to them talk. And they all have a freaky/crazy side. I love hot tempered women.

    It does not even need to be said that yes, Brasilian women are on average, much more attractive than most groups.

    Sorry to stray from Brazilian men, but hey, I am not super educated on that subject (heheheh.)

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  13. Brazilian men should teach men from other countries how to charm the pants off of a woman. I think that charm compensates for a lot of other aspects, one of them being (not all brasileiros, just some) just so-so in the looks department.

    And Anon 11:04 is right--they ARE amazing kissers! I could go on but I'll stop there. ;)


  14. I love this post! Just awesome. Well my Brazilian man managed to charm me from 11,000 kms away after I only met him once 2 years before. He is ridiculously cute and now that he has won me doesn't use the charm so much but I still can't get enough of him :)

  15. Charming definitely. Good look only get you so far, but it's the charm that allows some of the Brazilians I know to get away with what they do (the women too!)