Monday, September 12, 2011

Craigslist: A Different World in Rio

I have known since it was first created that Craigslist Rio de Janeiro just isn't the same practical page as Craigslist San Diego. Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment so I looked at apartments there anyway.

I'm not sure why I wasted my time. I used to go there just to check out the pictures of the HUGE places for sale (obviously being geared towards foreigners). I also find it super annoying to have to sift through all the ads selling places in Florida or Buzios. I'll except Buzios because it is in the state of Rio de Janeiro, but last time I checked Florida is in a different country...

Anyway, so I ended up taking a break from looking for practical places for my family and I and became a real estate voyeur once again. It's nice as I get to mentally live in a large kitchen with a island (fyi I'd change the tacky light):

Or enjoy the view from my pool. Maybe I'll go up to the balcony later to sip stupidly cold beers and stare at all of Rio below. Just saving my energy for when the house gets broken into later. Oh the joys of Santa Teresa (joking). 

I particularly love this one as you have the fireplace to enjoy the 6 weeks it's chilly in Rio. I'm not being sarcastic either! Apartments get breezy down here and there is nothing like heating cold toes in front of a warm fireplace. 

And if I lived here I would only travel the grounds via cartwheel. 

Now compare these to this:


  1. Rachel! I am laughing out loud here!!!!!!
    In Montréal there is a problem with craig list regarding renting places... A scam of some sort... is it the same in Rio?

  2. I think so! Half the time I don't click on the links or they are links to real estate sites...

  3. Craig's list has a horrible reputation in the Boston area after a Medical student addicted to gambling was caught after he started murdering prostitutes in Hotels for cash to feed his bad habit. He would find them on Craig's list.
    The classy bastard was arrested and killed himself in prison while waiting for a court date.

  4. Craigslist may as well be .

    FYI, Don't type that link in anywhere, I don't know if its real or not.

    But they look like nice houses! I'll buy one.

  5. That's not a light fixture. It's a steam hood for the stove.

  6. really? That ugly only for steam?

  7. I don't see why people get upset with Craigslist when something bad happens to someone who responds or puts out an add. Honestly aren't they just killing the messenger? Is it really Craigslists responsibility to check every add they put up? It seems kinda unfair.

    Btw Rachel have you reads this?

    I really hope they get these things fixed before anyone else gets hurt. At least it seems now they are getting off their behinds and starting to solve the problem.

    Oh, that tacky steam hood indicates that the stove is into disco. Dude that thing is ugly, barf.

  8. I believe the tacky light you're referring to over the kitchen Island is an exhause hood... :)

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