Friday, September 9, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday

Happy Friday to Hottie Alice Braga. She is a wonderful Brazilian actress who broke out onto the international scene in the movie City of God. That was only the start for this Paulista as she has continued working her way into Hollywood.  

Diogo Nogueira is a Brazilian from inside out. A samba singer and song writer, Diogo stopped all that to go after a career in Soccer. It was his Father's dream for him. Unfortunately a knee injury ended that dream for both men. At least he was able to return to his first love of Music. I think it is reasonable to say that those eyes really do go better with some sexy samba action! 


  1. ...hafta say that one of the first things that struck us on arrival in Rio were all those guys with their dreamy green/blue eyes. Incredible!

  2. His voice is divine! love him! thanks for posting!!!

  3. Brown people! Where are the brown people? We are in Brazil. Beauty is not just only white!

    Love you Rachel - you know that. But where are the brown people?!

  4. I don't look by color. I get names and suggestions of names and random Google searches. Do not appreciate the what you are implying there...

  5. Please Rachel for next time post a "hot" picture of Luis Melodia!! do you find him kind of sexy carioca but coming for the old school? ;o))