Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Brazilians For Your Friday

This, my dear friends, is William Prazeres. That's basically all I know about him and I'm strangely ok with that. The picture is pleasing enough.

Meet Paolla Rahmaier. She needs to eat like 3 sandwiches, a  pound of fries, and a snack pack but I'm still pretty sure most of you would still do her. 


  1. WT...? Where the nerds at?

  2. Nerds have a tendency of keeping their clothes on. I felt like seeing topless today ;)

  3. At first glance I didn't think Paolla Rahmaier was Grittyworth yet to make sure further research was needed so I found this

    and concluded that she deserves my seal of approval and the report card below.

    Appearance - Tantalizing, semi-cute,

    Face Shape- Oval meets diamond (Grittyapproved)

    First Date - Would splurge on sandwich using top notch pickle relish.

    First Date Activity- Would show her my stamp collection (have been a collector since childhood). This would be done before the sandwich so to avoid cross contamination between the vixen's pickle relishy fingers and my lovely stamps.

  4. Gritty, she only likes ugly guys like me.

    You're right too Rachel, we would all still do her. Oh and if you want topless check out my post today and follow the link.