Monday, September 19, 2011

Life is About the Little Things

I know people have an opinion or a thousand about Brazil. There's the whole thing about how politicians steal money and nothing works right. Sure, there really is a lot of bullshit happening. I agree with that completely.

Of course there's also the good stuff. Brazilians have got the small stuff down! Take today, it's a gorgeous day. The kids and I went to the park. We swung by Hortifruti (the fruits and vegetable store) and bought 8 oranges, half a perfectly ripe pineapple, 2 Haas avocados, a decent slice of watermelon, and two perfect papayas. The best part, all that cost me and economical R$12.36 ($7.19).

Ok, that's not really the best part. The best part was chopping up that bad boy of a pineapple pictured above and eating half of it as my late morning snack.

Seriously, the way to my heart is through pineapples! Or pizza.... or sushi... or meat... quite possibly wine as well... We're getting off the subject here.

What's one of your favorite little things about where you are at?


  1. Um, my last blog post about farofa :-) But there's the weather, less stressful work schedules, havianas, listening to my children speak Portuguese, birthday parties...

    Jim--do you make Carambola juice? I've never seen it nor had it. Sounds yummy.

  2. I would love to sound positive on this day but I have to be authentic and say that I can't think of a single thing that is good about where I am at. I don't like the town, the gossip, the close mindedness, none of it. It all pisses me off and I only wish I could move out of this god forsaken place!

    Well I guess I could say there is one thing I love here and those are my kids. And that's it!

    Thanks for letting me get that out Rachel...I feel a little better now. :P

  3. Never had Carambola juice...

    Shelley, I did a Farofa post too a while ago :) Love those little things! Kids speaking Portuguese is adorable!

    Shay, it happens. You'll get to where you need to be. Glad you got it out ;)

  4. The only thing I like about where I am right now is my Brazilian friends.

    The rest of it pretty much blows.

    Actually come to think of it the heroin around here is pretty good.

  5. Yeah, I have a juicer and carambola is one of my favorite fruits, but it has seeds and the ridges of the star shape are stringy - so juice is better than just the fruit whole. Although I never turn down a chance to eat the fruit whole, either.

    I go the the fruit market and get them when they are dark yellow, with some brown spots. Yum!

    I also like that people will strike up a conversation whenever they are near to you. (Never in San Francisco - in my neighborhood, at least.)

  6. I love that I have everything I need within walking distance. Market, beach, library, book stores (two now!), tapioca, juice, pub, restaurants, friends' houses, movies, etc.

  7. i like quail eggs. lots of affordable quail eggs as far as the eyes can see......and i also brag about the price of fruit ;)

    unique to Indaiatubes (my city Indaiatuba) is the park though. i declare it to the absolute best city park in the country. period. Not a garden, not a national forrest, but best park. winner!!

  8. I like to eat "arroz de reboco" with "Galinha capoeira", and also "Creme de macaxeira with carne de charque"

    very delicious! I was even hungry now! kkk


  9. Cupuaçu and mango jam. Except I can't find it anymore. Boo.

  10. I love fresh sweet Rhode Island Blueberries ( we pick our own ), REAL Mapple Syrup, cheap local Lobster and seafood and Fresh pressed sweet Apple Cyder!
    I also love New Englanders simplicity and peculiar sense of humor!


  11. Awww, Ray, now you've made me homesick!

    The little thing I'm thankful for is that at present, my husband's work/study schedule lines up with mine so that we can have lunch together at home. He makes a mean carne do sol!

  12. Ray, you are evil! But I did find an under the table way via an awesome friend to get me some damn good (and big) blueberries. No, I'm not sharing. That sh*t is gold!

  13. I would miss Carne de sol though, if I ever left that is. And juice, real juice...

  14. Rachel,

    There is hope!! Blueberries are now being produced in Brazil, they are called "Mirtilo" in Portuguese. :)