Friday, November 25, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

Hello Mr. Bruno di Angelis

Making naughty look nice:  Marjorie Estiano


  1. did she just poo now Mr. Bruno di Angelis is making her smoke to cover the smell and making her clean it up with his shirt on. Not too sexy! hahaha

  2. I can't make sense of a woman smoking while scrubbing the bathroom floor in heels (and in her underwear) -- but I guess it worked for the photographer.

    The boy's cute.

  3. I totally dig her photo. It's "artistic." And the dude is easy hot if you know what I mean. Not a lot of character but still not bad to look at. Hey, I'm moving this weekend! Give a girl a break ;)

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  5. Not too sexy? This brazilian is fucking hot!! I'm brazilian and I love her. If you search in google her name, you will find a lot of great pictures. Cheers and Merry Xmas, happy New Year too!!