Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Was Played

I don't know if you remember my post about my standoff with Mr. Rant's Grandmother over goodie bags. If you don't, I said that I had thought that I had outsmarted her. I was sure that I had guarded those bad boys with the skill of a well oiled machine.

I should have known better. Today we had lunch with her at her apartment. At some point during the post meal digesting and chatting period the Grandma starting pulling out the toys that were given in the goodie bags. She was giving them to my boys to play with.

My guess is that she was going for the second bag when I snagged her.

Well played Granny! Well played!


  1. Oh my, she probably did that for you just to see that Grannies are not to be outsmarted! I could see my grandmom doing the same exact thing just to drive my mom nuts!

    Like you said,

    Well played vovo, well played!


  2. Why take what you´re not supossed to and in addition show the person who informed you of this that you took it anyway.

    Eu nunca vou entender. Nunca.

  3. On one hand I would be INCREDIBLY annoyed. But on the other, well... way to go, Granny!

  4. I'm with The Gritty Poet on that one... How can you stand it?

  5. I think it is HILARIOUS! And it was obvious she didn't pull them out to throw it in my face. She has a little knick knack drawer next to her rocking chair and she pulled out a little something for my boys. Turns out it was from the goodie bag. Just showed me there is no outsmarting the Great-Grandma of my boys. I should have known better lol

  6. The goodies strategically placed in a knick knack drawer next to a rocking chair hence providing the crime with an aura of innocence. You are dealing with a pro.
    This is what I do in similar situations: get a Bible stand and place the Good Book on one side and a sheet with the commandments on the other, if you prefer use the specific comandement you wish enforced and place these over the objects you want guarded.


    then this.

    I have defeated many a Granny using this method

  7. well done grandma!!
    she had a good cause after all !

  8. This is the funny! She's clever! It reminds me of going to the movies in SF with a friend and her Granny (in her 80's). She grew up in Soviet Russia, and knew how to be sneaky. Even though we always bought her a movie ticket, she would slip in, RIGHT past the ticket agent. Every time. Amazing.

  9. I do find it interesting that you had enough bags for all of the kiddies exactly... and gma. That is an uncanny ability to pilfer without being detected. Genius.